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Political News(2015/06/03)

Kyoto   Hakone

Japan and Australia "to resolve according to the China Marine advance international law"

2015-06-03 22:33:00
Nakatani defense minister, Japan held talks with Australian Andrew's defense minister to have visited, about what China is to revitalize the marine advance in the South China Sea, strongly opposed to the unilateral alteration of the present state by the force, the two countries and in cooperation with, we have agreed to continue encouraging to achieve a solution in accordance with international law.


"Cyber ​​Security Strategy" to review

2015-06-03 20:37:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary in the afternoon press conference, in response to the problem that a large amount of personal information from the system of Japan pension mechanism has been spilled, and review this month, the content to incorporate the "cyber security strategy" that is scheduled to be approved by the Cabinet, cyber attack It showed the idea of ​​completeness to measures to.


The idea of ​​cooperation in the new submarine construction plan of Prime Minister Australia

2015-06-03 20:24:00
Abe Prime Minister, and held talks with Defense Minister and the Prime Minister's Office of Australia that visited Japan, Australia and around the construction plan of the new submarine to be introduced, as Japan that are participating in the procedure to choose the partner countries of joint development We continue to have shown the idea to continue to cooperate.


Stakeholders strict disposal in Health, Labor and Welfare phase information outflow

2015-06-03 18:20:00
In the intensive deliberations Shiozaki Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare House of Representatives Health, Labor and Welfare Committee, part of the personal information that was leaked from the system of Japan pension mechanism, about the setting of the password that is defined in the internal regulations has not been performed, rudimentary is a mistake, it showed a recognition that we need strict disposal of the parties concerned.


Deliberation send-off of the special committee on the 3rd of security-related bills

2015-06-03 14:53:00
Special Committee of the House of Representatives that deliberate on security-related bills, from the fact that Hamada chairman is repulsion opposition parties that have decided to hold a committee of the 3rd ex officio, it was not possible to respond to the deliberations, afternoon I decided to forego the deliberations of the three days of the Board of Directors.


Satisfied laws to JR Kyushu full privatization

2015-06-03 13:41:00
Towards the full privatization of JR Kyushu, passed by a majority in the Upper House plenary session of the law is three days to amend the JR Companies Act that incorporates such that it is possible to determine the business plan without the approval of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport-established turf It was.


Parallel line discussion of the upper house electoral reform Jiko

2015-06-03 13:12:00
And around the electoral reform of the House of Councilors, met executives of the House of Councillors of the Liberal Democratic Party, New Komeito both parties, and the Liberal Democratic Party that want as much as possible maintain the constituency of each prefecture, a gap of one vote by the introduction of the so-called "case-ku" discussion between the New Komeito to be that we should keep within two times becomes parallel lines, it was subsequently decided to consultation.


Cooperation confirmed by the Democratic and Restoration pension information leakage problem

2015-06-03 13:09:00
Secretary general of the Party of the Democratic Party and the Meiji Restoration is met, it issues a large amount of personal information is flowing out of the system of Japan pension mechanism that manages the pension information, the discussion of truth clarification and prevent recurrence of the problem in the future of Diet deliberations It was confirmed to continue to support in cooperation and as I should try.


Check an environment to Jiko Dispatch Law amendment vote

2015-06-03 12:50:00
Liberal Democratic Party, New Komeito and talks both parties Secretary-General, et al., A large amount of personal information from the system of Japan pension mechanism that manages the pension information is a problem that has flowed out, the impact on the vote schedule of amendment of the Worker Dispatch Law To minimize, promptly resumed the question of the bill, it was confirmed a policy that will create an environment that for the vote.


Japan pension mechanism to inquiries strengthening

2015-06-03 12:12:00
House of Representatives Health, Labor and Welfare Committee, system large amounts of personal information from Japanese pension mechanism that manages the pension information is has carried out intensive discussions on the issue that has flowed out, Mizushima Chairman of mechanism to respond to an inquiry from a subscriber-only For dial to 1000 people system from 100 people regime of the past, it has shown the idea to strengthen the correspondence.


To about 30 billion yen affected the three prefectures municipalities burden five years

2015-06-03 11:57:00
Government, and around the reconstruction assistance from the Great East Japan Earthquake from the next fiscal year for five years, for the part of the business, we have compiled a policy was to seek the financial burden of up to 3.3% in local government. The government, by this, burden of affected three prefectures of municipalities has become close to 30 billion yen in five years.


Onaga governor US senator talks also parallel lines

2015-06-03 06:08:00
Onaga governor of Okinawa Prefecture, which visited the United States, the 2nd night Japan time, and met with influential lawmakers that serve the military chairman of the United States Senate, I explained the idea of ​​the province against the US military Futenma base relocation plan . In contrast, lawmakers, shows the idea to support the current plan the Japanese and US governments decided, talks ended in parallel lines.


Are summarized gist of government drone regulations

2015-06-03 05:39:00
Government, small unmanned machine around the "drone", and to prohibit the flight other than during the day, flying in areas where people and housing is dense exemplified and be limited to businesses, rules regarding the handling We have compiled the outline. Government is based on the outline, we want to submit the proposed amendment of Aviation Law to now of the National Assembly.


Also affect the deliberation schedule of opposition offensive Worker Dispatch Law

2015-06-03 05:38:00
In response to the large amount of personal information was leaked problem from the system of Japan pension mechanism that manages the pension information, opposition side, as should be the highest priority to clarify the issue, the time being, of the Worker Dispatch Law of amendment It is a stance that does not respond to the deliberations. In contrast, the ruling side, but we want to immediately resume the question of the amendment, has come out is the view that is inevitable that affect the deliberation schedule.


To pension information outflow My number operation refrain from recurrence prevention thorough

2015-06-03 04:32:00
In response to the large amount of personal information was leaked problem from the system of Japan pension mechanism, the government, as is could increase people's anxiety to My number system that begins operation next year in January, promoting the actual grasp of information leakage, investigate the cause and we decided to ensure thorough recurrence prevention.


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