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Political News(2015/06/14)

Kyoto   Hakone

Finish Abe and Hashimoto Osaka mayor talks

2015-06-14 21:23:00
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is the 14th night, in Tokyo, met with Hashimoto Mayor of Osaka City, which serves as the top adviser of the party of the Meiji Restoration, explained the history of the last month of the referendum, which asked the pros and cons of Hashimoto's so-called "Osaka Concept" addition to the, also will be expected to exchanged views on the response to the second half of the Diet.


Emphasizes the establishment prevented democratic Okada security related bills

2015-06-14 19:05:00
Okada of the Democratic Party to speak at Maebashi City, around the security-related legislation, the constitutional interpretation, in terms of was that we should return to the previous Cabinet decision of July last year, which tolerate the exercise of the right of collective self-defense, now the idea of ​​blocking the passage of bills in parliament I was stressed.


The meeting in Tokyo Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Osaka and Hashimoto mayor

2015-06-14 18:22:00
Abe Prime Minister, has been meeting with Hashimoto Mayor of Osaka City, which serves as the top adviser of the party of the Meiji Restoration in Tokyo, Hashimoto Mr., explain the history of the so-called "Osaka Metropolitan initiative" last month's referendum that asked the pros and cons of And then have the other, it is expected to have also exchanged opinion on responding to the second half of the Diet.


The pension utilize discretion of Takamura Mr. Mai number

2015-06-14 13:31:00
In "Sunday discussion" of Takamura Deputy Governor of NHK Liberal Democratic Party, about the time you begin to take advantage of in the pension field My number system to allocate a number to one person living in Japan, a situation such as the causes for the outflow problem of pension information It has shown the idea should be carefully judged by identify.


The ruling and opposition parties security related bills Tour discussion

2015-06-14 12:02:00
In "Sunday discussion" of NHK, for security-related bill that has been the focus of the second half of the National Assembly, while the Takamura vice-president of the Liberal Democratic Party showed overlaid the idea that want to establish in terms of the extension of the Diet session , long-wife acting president of the Democratic Party, it was argued that they should re-submit it to re-examine the contents of the bill does not extend the session.


Prime Minister's Office tours to elementary and junior high school students for summer vacation

2015-06-14 06:58:00
The government also to summer vacation this year, has decided to open the tour and invited the elementary and junior high school students in the Prime Minister's Office and the official residence, is looking for a group wishing to participate in the official residence of the home page.


Spending upper target towards the Liberal Democratic Party Extraordinary Commission fiscal reconstruction

2015-06-14 05:00:00
Extraordinary Committee on fiscal consolidation of the Liberal Democratic Party, in order to achieve the basic fiscal balance goal of government that want to profitability in 2020 fiscal, to set the upper limit target of expenditure at the time of the 2018 fiscal year that becomes the intermediate year The summary of the final report of finding, we have that this week, and make recommendations to the government.


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