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Political News(2015/06/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

Opposition accused security related bills "red women" is

2015-06-20 20:10:00
Women who oppose incorporates's security-related bill that allows the exercise of collective self-defense rights, gathered around the parliament wearing and red clothes and accessories, bill so as not to countries that can "war is scrapped We complained and the like should it "to.


The best to prevent establishment of Okada security related bills

2015-06-20 19:10:00
Democrats held a meeting that gathered the secretary general these local organizations, Okada security for the bills as "80% of people from 70% is saying," do not understand "", the establishment of the now of the National Assembly The idea to work with full force towards the blocking was emphasized.


Restoration Hashimoto's opinion reference to counterproposal compiled

2015-06-20 19:05:00
Party Restoration for the party its own counterproposal to the security bills, open the review meeting is sprinkled with Hashimoto Mayor of Osaka City, which serve the best adviser of the party, did on also reference Hashimoto's opinion on the counterproposal in the future, It was confirmed the policy to promote the adjustment towards the final compiled.


Local council of security legislation 246 written opinion to the National Assembly

2015-06-20 18:41:00
For security legislation, including the exercise acceptance of the right to collective self-defense is the biggest focus right now of the National Assembly, from the parliament of 246, which corresponds to approximately 14% of the local councils across the country, that the written opinion has been submitted to the National Assembly I understand.


Tanigaki secretary general, "the decision of the session extension width in the beginning of the week."

2015-06-20 14:15:00
Tanigaki secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party to speak at Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, amid approaching now the National Assembly of the Association year-end to next week the 24th, in order to reliably establish a security-related legislation is the biggest focus of the second half of the Diet is now in the National Assembly , it showed the idea to determine the extension width of the specific session to the beginning of the week.


Tell continued support to Foreign Minister ratio Mindanao

2015-06-20 13:59:00
Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs is to meet with Murad Chairman of the Islamic militant organization top of the Philippines that has visited Japan, welcomed the fact that the proceedings of the disarmament which was towards the end of the approximately '40 Continued conflict in Mindanao island began this week, Japan I told the idea to continue to support as.


Attitude stressed that peace and contribute to the stability of the foreign minister Asia

2015-06-20 11:39:00
Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs and speech at an international conference, which is held in Tokyo, Japan after the war, posture based on the track record that has been supporting the resolution of the ethnic conflict in Asia, to contribute peace and stability aggressively in Asia in the future me was emphasized.


Diet session until the end of August or in September significant extension of the policy

2015-06-20 06:53:00
Amid today's parliament meeting year-end is approaching next week the 24th, the government and the ruling party, in order to reliably establish a security-related legislation, in greatly extend policy session until the end of August or September, secure sufficient deliberation time was also in terms of the House of Councilors based side of the intention of the Liberal Democratic Party that asks for, we decided to determine the specific extension width.


Rikejo women such as training shines society priority policy proposals

2015-06-20 06:29:00
The government, for the realization of "women shining society", in order to reflect in the next fiscal year budget, in order to boost a woman's human resource development of science and technology called "Rikejo", new to such countries and university cooperation incorporating such as to launch the organization, and has put together a proposal for the first time become emphasis policy.


To promote "not negotiable World Heritage" and position stick to adjust

2015-06-20 06:28:00
Government before the Korea Foreign Ministers' Meeting of the 21st day, and dispatched a Foreign Ministry officials in Seoul, for registration to the World Heritage Site of the "Meiji Japan's industrial revolution heritage" that South Korea is opposed, registration is not negotiable While position to maintain that, we are promoting the How to compromise whether the adjustment with the Korean side.


Kishida to Foreign Minister minority Rohingya of support expressed

2015-06-20 05:48:00
Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs is the 20th, make a speech, etc. to attend international conference government officials of Asian countries, ethnic minorities of Myanmar, a problem that ship loaded with such Rohingya people are drifting, through international organizations 350 It is to express the like making a million dollars assistance.


Final adjustment in not included policy total expenditures upper limit of boned

2015-06-20 04:42:00
The government, the basic policy of economic and fiscal management, Tour of the so-called the pillar of "large-boned policy", "Economic and financial recovery plan", serves as an indicator of fiscal consolidation at the time of the 2018 fiscal year of "primary balance" While the goal of reducing the deficit to about 1% compared with GDP = gross domestic product to be specified, the upper limit of the specific total expenditures went into the final adjustment in the direction that it is not included.


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