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Political News(2015/07/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

Match with Chief Cabinet Secretary and Onaga governor exchanged opinions continue

2015-07-04 23:05:00
Amid government and the conflict in Okinawa Prefecture followed by around the relocation plan of the US military Futenma base in Okinawa, but Chief Cabinet Secretary met with Onaga governor and the Tokyo metropolitan area, and to criticize the local paper, such as news organizations of Okinawa study session of the Liberal Democratic Party and I apologized the opinion is a problem in that series but, both were agreed to go also continue to exchange opinions in the future.


Linkage with Japan Vietnam summit meeting South China Sea issue

2015-07-04 20:53:00
Abe Prime Minister in terms of the meeting with Prime Minister Dung of Vietnam that has visited Japan, China and shared the serious concern to the problems that are being built, such as reclaimed the shallows runway in the South China Sea in the Nansha (Spratly) Islands, both countries towards the maintenance of such maritime order is matched by going to cooperation.


Restoration of security related bills counterproposal to next week submission

2015-07-04 19:56:00
Matsuno representative of the party of the Restoration is a press conference in Kyoto, the counterproposal to the security-related bill that the party put together in terms of was to clarify the policy to be submitted to the National Assembly next week, enough time that ruling party is to discuss the counterproposal If you were not, we showed the idea that we are not able to vote in the committee.


Talks among that follows, but the Secretary and Onaga governor conflict

2015-07-04 18:53:00
Some followed by a confrontation of the US military Futenma base in Okinawa Prefecture and government around the relocation plan of Okinawa, but Chief Cabinet Secretary and Onaga governor of Okinawa Prefecture has been meeting at the hotel in Tokyo, it is possible to ease the conflict through talks It will be attention if.


ODA loans of Japan Myanmar summit 100 billion yen

2015-07-04 17:18:00
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met with Thein Sein President of Myanmar that have visited Japan, etc. Myanmar largest city Yangon aging annular railway renovation plans, to donate a yen loan of up to approximately 100 billion yen me told.


Counterproposal of restoration ", but some gap is expected in early submission"

2015-07-04 14:45:00
Takamura vice-president of the Liberal Democratic Party to speak at Yamaguchi Prefecture Hofu, the counterproposal to the security-related legislation that the party of the Meiji Restoration is summarized, while the the government proposal there is a gap in thinking, alternative plan is promptly submitted to the Diet It showed the expectation that the debate deepens.


Even false report of suspicion in the password setting instruction

2015-07-04 12:56:00
The Tour of the outflow problem of pension information, Japan pension mechanism is instructed to ensure the setting from two years ago to such national pension office password, from all departments, "measures have been completed," found that it had received reports that below. But from the fact that actually the password to the outflow was 450,000 worth of information it has not been set, the mechanism has to be a false report of a doubt promote an internal investigation as undeniable.


Japan-Mekong Summit 750 billion yen scale ODA

2015-07-04 11:35:00
Japan and the summit meeting is the 4th by the five countries of Southeast Asia in the Mekong River Basin, carried out at the State Guest House in Tokyo's Motoakasaka, state to make a 750 billion yen scale of ODA = official development assistance over the next three years as Japan On the other hand, China is, in the mind that has been active in ocean foray into the South China Sea, I announced the "New Tokyo strategy" shown concern about the recent developments.


also aspects of North Korea is forced report postponed difficult decision

2015-07-04 06:17:00
North Korea will be one year in the 4th from the start of the investigation of the abduction victims. The government, while North Korea has been contact the postponement of the report of the survey results, but is a policy that continues to tenaciously lobbying order to bring out the specific movement, among which also calls for a strengthening of sanctions Dell, North Korea results from the fact that not foresee the timing and contents to be reported in the future, it is expected also aspects that are faced with difficult decisions.


Strengthen lobbying "to cooperate with the World Heritage" in South Korea

2015-07-04 05:58:00
"Meiji Japan's industrial revolution heritage" is, the 4th night Japan time, at the prospect of registration to the World Heritage site is considered by the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO, the Government of Japan, South Korea, which was opposed to the registration of the World Heritage for, we are increasingly lobbying to cooperate in the registration along the agreement of the Korean foreign minister talks a few days ago.


Over vote security bill to battle intensified between the ruling and opposition parties

2015-07-04 05:21:00
Special Committee of the House of Representatives that deliberate on security-related legislation, has voted to hold a public hearing on the 13th of this month the Liberal Democratic Party, New Komeito in favor numerous party of both the Party and the Meiji Restoration. Ruling party whereas the policy to reduce the House of Representatives passage of the bill in the same week as the hearing, the party of the Democratic Party and the Meiji Restoration If you are considering the submission of a counterproposal, it is violently becomes likely the offense and defense of the ruling and opposition parties over the vote of the bill.


Liberal Democratic Party "" When Ward "1-2 places" to adjust the axial

2015-07-04 04:47:00
And around the electoral reform of the House of Councillors, Liberal Democratic Party, security-related legislation is going to want to put a prospect to reform before passing through the House of Representatives, to one of the District of two adjacent election, accept the so-called "case-ku" The firm policy, we have decided to adjust the future, the plan to perform "if-ku" in order population is less in one place or two places on the axis.


Also view that the Meiji Restoration security bill counterproposal modification agreement difficult

2015-07-04 04:10:00
Party of the Meiji Restoration, next week a counterproposal to the government security bills, to be submitted to the National Assembly, but is the idea that you want to proceed with consultations with the political parties, from within the Liberal Democratic Party, Tour of such use of force requirements, gap of thinking have come out are indications that is large, it also has come out view that if not corrected agreement than difficult.


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