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Political News(2015/07/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Mr. Kan, "recruitment of people from the Korean Peninsula is not a forced labor"

2015-07-06 20:27:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary, in the afternoon press conference, and around the registration to the world heritage of "Meiji Japan's industrial revolution heritage" related to the fact that the difficulties to coordinate with South Korea, during the previous war, the national recruitment Ordinance recruitment of the Korean Peninsula graduates that have been made on the basis has shown a recognition that does not hit in the forced labor.


To the Democratic-Restoration "area security bill" joint submission

2015-07-06 19:44:00
Met the Democratic Party and the Restoration of the party's policy officer, as a counterproposal to the security-related legislation, the "area security bill" in order to deal with the gray zone situation that does not lead to armed attack, to be submitted jointly to the nearby House of Representatives that in matched.


Pros and cons of opinion in the witness question of security bill Okinawa

2015-07-06 19:21:00
Special Committee of the House of Representatives to discuss security-related bills, do the witness questions in Naha, in this, "the security of the related bills how to proceed and American military Futenma base Henoko relocation of the problem, the roots are common as to have ", while opinion to oppose the bill is issued, the exercise of the" right of collective self-defense in the exclusively defensive posture, did on that the favor be ", the opinion that" I want you to carefully explain to the public " It was issued.


Pros and cons of opinion in the witness question of security bill Saitama

2015-07-06 18:28:00
The special committee of the House of Representatives that deliberate on security related bills, do the witness questions in Saitama City, in this, as "those which exceed the limits of interpretation change of the Constitution, is clearly unconstitutional for", the bill While opposition to opinion has been issued, "widening the width of the SDF activities, but urgent issue is among the current security environment" as, was issued a favor opinion in the bill.


Confirmation, such as maintenance of security systems towards the Summit

2015-07-06 18:09:00
The government, to open the first meeting of the preparatory meeting aimed at Summit = G8 to be held in Mie Prefecture "Ise-Shima Summit" next year in May, the police and the Japan Coast Guard advances the development of the security system in cooperation with, I was confirmed and that the relevant government ministries and agencies continue to expand its public relations activities.


The protest to the new gas field development of government China

2015-07-06 17:56:00
In Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary afternoon press conference, as was confirmed that China is developing a new gas field in the Chinese side of the middle median line the day of the East China Sea, as well as perform a repeat protest, seeking the suspension of work It was it clear that you are.


LDP is not according special committee established proposed Democratic House of Councillors

2015-07-06 15:49:00
Met the Liberal Democratic Party and the Upper House Diet Affairs Committee Chairman of the Democratic Party, Liberal Democratic Party, in preparation for the deliberation of security related bills pending in the House of Representatives, we've proposed that want to set up a special committee in the House of Councilors, the Democratic Party, "premature not according as he ", it is now that it will continue to discuss.


Restoration Matsui governor Kansai councilors is to strengthen cooperation

2015-07-06 15:23:00
Osaka Prefecture Matsui governor to serve the party of the adviser of the Meiji Restoration told reporters, because as was seen like motion downplay the councilors within the party, the future, to promote such decentralization is the philosophy of the founding, Kansai of councilors we showed the idea that we should go to strengthen the cooperation.


It seeks an early report to the abduction issue phase North Korea

2015-07-06 14:59:00
Sanya abduction affairs minister, met with Obama, Fukui Prefecture of Mayor living the abduction victims who have returned from North Korea, that North Korea has been to contact the postponement of the report of the survey results, feel "anger and said it would have ", and showed the idea of ​​going to seek the early report.


A sense of tension to the current Diet session establishment of Prime Minister security bill

2015-07-06 14:34:00
Abe Prime Minister, the government ruling party liaison meeting held in the Prime Minister's Office, for security-related bill, said, "If Shojire is arrogance and carelessness in the ruling party, public confidence is lost in an instant", government ruling party faces the Diet deliberations with a sense of tension, and has shown by overlapping the idea of ​​aim the establishment of now of the National Assembly.


Check the world heritage reparations resolved and the Korean side

2015-07-06 14:24:00
But Chief Cabinet Secretary in the morning of the press conference, and around the registration to the world heritage of "Meiji Japan's industrial revolution heritage" is related to the fact that the difficulties to coordinate with South Korea, post-war compensation issues between Japan and South Korea is resolved that the position of the Japanese government, I showed a recognition that it was confirmed at the time of the adjustment with the Korean side.


Starting to Yachi national security director Moscow

2015-07-06 13:07:00
Taniuchi director of the National Security Agency of the government, aides and and how to proceed with the dialogue between Japan and Russia future of Russian President Vladimir Putin, in order to fend off such as the Tour of opinion Ukraine situation, the 6th morning, towards the Moscow departure I did.


Witness question in such security-related bills Okinawa

2015-07-06 05:34:00
Special Committee of the House of Representatives that deliberate on security-related legislation is the 6th, we decided to perform a witness questions in Naha City and Saitama City. Ruling party side, next week, after conducting a central public hearing, to the idea that the you want to measure the House of Representatives passage of the bill in the 16th, the Party of the Democratic Party and the restoration you are want to submit this week, its own counterproposal to the National Assembly, the bill It is expected to battle between the ruling and opposition parties over the vote of becomes violently.


Also view that communicate careful action is required with South Korea

2015-07-06 05:10:00
In response to that the registration to the world heritage of "Meiji Japan's industrial revolution heritage" is determined, while the spread voice of relief to the government, coordination with South Korea despite that it was agreed a few days ago South Korea Foreign Ministers' Meeting but from that you have difficulties, you come out the future, also the view that it requires careful support to communicate with South Korea.


Kishida Foreign Minister "Japan and South Korea each registration implemented in cooperation."

2015-07-06 00:16:00
Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs, in response to that the registration to the world heritage of "Meiji Japan's industrial revolution heritage" has been determined, the 5th night, told reporters at the Foreign Ministry, "Japan and South Korea are in cooperation, each has been recommended that projects of registration are both realized it was stated that "thing to be pleased.


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