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Political News(2015/07/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

Exchanges in Japan and South Korea of ​​lawmakers Go

2015-07-11 19:00:00
Japan and exchange game of Go by the parliamentarians of South Korea, held in Seoul, Korea for the first time in '11, both of lawmakers, while enjoying the opposite station of Go has confirmed that it is to tackle the two countries improve relations.


Opposite of constitutional scholar et al symposium on security-related bills

2015-07-11 18:11:00
Open the symposium with the standpoint of constitutional scholars in Tokyo against the security-related legislation, "to change the long-standing interpretation of the Constitution, the substantial's constitutional amendment" I sought the withdrawal of the bill.


It works in the local creation to minister overconcentration corrective

2015-07-11 17:36:00
Takaichi Minister is to meet with Ishikawa Prefecture Tanimoto Governor in Kanazawa visited for inspection, in order to rectify the overconcentration of Tokyo, continued the idea to tackle a variety of measures for local creation It showed.


The effort also to such health management of prime minister victims

2015-07-11 17:03:00
Abe Prime Minister, visited the Miyagi Prefecture Minami Sanriku was devastated by the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake, after you have visited the clinic of temporary that are working in the treatment of such victims, this year, a new grant, such as actively provided basis to take advantage, we showed the health management thinking endeavor to such victims.


Seek understanding in Morimoto prime minister new National Stadium renovation plan

2015-07-11 16:45:00
Morimoto Prime Minister, director of the organizing committee of the chairman of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic is to lecture in Sapporo City, the National Stadium of renovation costs is related to the fact that swelled significantly, use more than 50 years the stadium as Olympic legacy It is going to want to things, and sought understanding to renovation plan.


Prime Minister security related bill "When decide to decide"

2015-07-11 16:07:00
Abe Prime Minister, told reporters in the Miyagi Prefecture Minami Sanriku, and around the security-related legislation, in terms of opposition was evaluated that it has submitted the like to the National Assembly counterproposal, the "do does not mean that decide when it should decide" and he said, has shown a willingness superimposed on the establishment of the now of the National Assembly.


Even established in the Diet now allowed to pass through the House of Representatives to Tanigaki the 16th

2015-07-11 14:42:00
Tanigaki secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, at a meeting of the party which was held in Nagoya, deliberation of security-related bill in the House of Representatives Special Committee as is being exhausted, also passed through the House of Representatives next week the 16th, now of the National Assembly It has shown the idea that in want surely is established.


Staff 314 people shortage affected the three prefectures of municipalities

2015-07-11 14:28:00
While in the affected areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction business will peak, it has continued to staff shortage by, for example, dispatch of support staff from across the country is terminated, the number of staff to be insufficient Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima three prefectures it has been found that up to 314 people to meet in the municipality.


The flowers in the earthquake memorial in the Prime Minister Miyagi, Natori

2015-07-11 12:11:00
Abe Prime Minister visited the Miyagi Prefecture Natori city, after fight in memorial to mourn those who lost their lives in the Great East Japan Earthquake, we visited the commercial facilities that local farming we have made.


Invite Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to 習主 seat anti-Japanese Victory '70 event

2015-07-11 12:06:00
Hodokuni Heiji officer of the Chinese Foreign Ministry on the 10th, Xi Jinping Zemin is, in celebration of the "Anti-Japanese War Victory '70" of this year September 3, was said to have invited Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


Battle intensified between the ruling and opposition parties glare vote security bill

2015-07-11 05:25:00
And around the security-related bill, the ruling party, while the stance of deliberation in the House of Representatives is to achieve even the House of Representatives pass to next week the 16th as is being exhausted, such as the Party of the Democratic Party and the Meiji Restoration, aggressive vote is not permitted and to have, offense and defense of the ruling and opposition parties glared the vote has become violently.


It is not possible conflict resolution of opinion in the TPP rice import volume

2015-07-11 04:50:00
TPP = the Tour of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, and US governments the day, at the working-level consultations that have been made until the 10th, conflict of opinion in the import volume of rice for staple food of the United States production, which has become one of the focus can not be eliminated It was. The Japanese government, while entwined well as handling of customs duties, such as Japanese-made auto parts, Oriaeru the US side has decided to explore the last minute of the line.


"During the visit the adjustment of Kishida Foreign Minister" Russian Deputy Foreign Minister

2015-07-11 04:18:00
For Russia visit of Kishida Minister of Foreign Affairs, which is positioned as the environment development for the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, to adjust the schedule in response to the proposal of the Japanese side that next month the 31st or September 1st It was it clear that you are.


Prime Minister "than international law scholars often favor"

2015-07-11 04:12:00
Abe Prime Minister night the 10th, the Internet program of the Liberal Democratic Party, for security-related legislation, in terms of showed a recognition that or not than many agree opinion among international law scholars, enact the bill now in parliament It showed determination.


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