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Political News(2020/02/04)

Kyoto   Hakone

Posted a newspaper article "evaluation comments" in the room of Tatsumin in the National Assembly

2020-02-04 21:00:00
To the door of the room, which is within the National Assembly of the Constitutional Democratic Party, which flared paper which the comment of the evaluation of the newspaper company of political articles have been written temporary, media outlets, was questioned as a receive also coverage regulation. Azumi Diet Affairs Committee Chairman is, "a joke, I'm not going to have interviewed regulation" was explained that.


Encouragement to producers of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Fukushima Prefecture specialty "Anpokaki"

2020-02-04 20:45:00
Abe Prime Minister, met in the production have the Prime Minister's Office of persimmon "Anpokaki" of Fukushima Prefecture specialty that were damaged by last year's typhoon, to take advantage of, such as this year's supplementary budget that was established earlier, farmers I was told the idea to continue to support.


Also exchange opinions with atypical pneumonia corresponding to Japan and South Korea Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director General consultation 6 days held

2020-02-04 19:27:00
Day is done Director talks 6 days of the two countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, the Japanese side in the issues surrounding the "recruitment", South Korea in addition to seek again to correct the state of violation of international law, the opinion with respect to the corresponding to the new coronavirus It is expected to exchange the.


Adjust Motegi Foreign Minister in the early dispatch of returning the fourth flight tomorrow or later from Hubei

2020-02-04 19:25:00
Motegi Foreign Minister at a press conference, the fourth flight of the chartered plane to return home the seekers from China's Hubei Province, "to dispatch at the earliest possible timing since the mid this week, as far as possible a lot of Japanese to be able to return home adjustment and she said to have ", showed the idea that you want to dispatch the fourth flight in early five days later.


"We consider the refusal of entry target area expansion" Prime Minister Abe atypical pneumonia

2020-02-04 19:15:00
Toward the infection prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, on measures of Hubei Province, China to stay history is that refusal of entry, which is intended for, such as foreigners, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the House of Representatives Budget Committee, the subject is by the spread of the future of the infected area It showed the idea also of enlargement to consider.


Shortening the facility stay period 10 days of returnees from the government Wuhan

2020-02-04 19:02:00
For the new coronavirus infection is expanding, WHO = World Health Organization, the incubation period is received that showed the finding that shorter than expected, the government, the facility stay period of people who have returned from China, Wuhan today announced that it be shortened to 10 days.


Such as the new virus test kit "support to the early development", but Chief Cabinet Secretary

2020-02-04 17:29:00
Kan Chief Cabinet Secretary afternoon press conference, but we are aware that there is a movement of the development of a simple test kit in the "private sector for the development of a simple test kit to check whether it is infected with a virus, a certain amount of time We are listening to take. I said, continue to support the Ministry of Health, Labor and welfare "to be as soon as possible development.


Risk downside the fiscal year establishment of the New Komeito budget to the economy in the new pneumonia

2020-02-04 16:39:00
In response to the spread of a new type of coronavirus, as the Liberal Democratic Party, New Komeito the two parties "there is a growing downside risks to the economy", again verify the policy aimed at fiscal year establishment of the new fiscal year budget proposal that was included also economic measures did.


New Komeito negative thoughts in Yamaguchi representative spread received constitutional amendment discussion

2020-02-04 13:47:00
Response to the spread of a new type of coronavirus, from within the Liberal Democratic Party, for be mentioned in one of the constitutional amendments items voice to point out the need to discuss the "emergency response" has come out, Yamaguchi representative of New Komeito, First as it should be addressed in the current law, it showed negative thoughts.


House of Representatives Budget Committee Nashi information US forces prime minister Self-Defense Force got on the shared constitutional problem

2020-02-04 12:28:00
Tour of the Self-Defense Forces dispatch to the Middle East, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the House of Representatives Budget Committee, the information obtained in the information collection activities by the Self-Defense Forces as to share with the United States military, something carried out as part of the general information exchange , constitutionally, it showed a recognition that there is no problem.


"The new fiscal year budget is 75 billion yen reduction" in business verification implementation of national

2020-02-04 11:50:00
Administrative Reform Promotion meeting of government, as a result of verifying the country of business in the "autumn of review" that took place last year, the new fiscal year budget than the stage of the budget request, we summarized the implementation results to have been reduced by about 75 billion yen It was.


Aim the establishment of the "Super City bill" again Cabinet decision Diet

2020-02-04 09:19:00
Was scrapped at the last regular session of the National Assembly, for the amendment of the law for the demonstration of state-of-the-art technology to develop a "super city" carried out in the whole city, the government is again determined by the Cabinet of four days, now of the National Assembly to have to aim the establishment of in.


Knowledge of the short incubation period to the facility stay shortened study of atypical pneumonia returnees

2020-02-04 06:19:00
Government in the spread of the new coronavirus is, up to two weeks in order to verify the health status of the people who came back from Wuhan China, but we are planning to ask them to stay, such as the property, the incubation period of the virus than expected from that which has been shown to finding that short, our policy is also to consider shortening of the stay period.


Also debate today Tour of such as the House of Representatives Budget Committee the new coronavirus corresponding

2020-02-04 05:26:00
House of Representatives Budget Committee also four days in the National Assembly is opened, debates On such as the response to the new coronavirus is exchanged.


Toriosaeru man guard officer chased motorcade of Prime Minister

2020-02-04 02:20:00
3 days night, the man who chased the motorcade of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo, Chuo-ku, has been overpowered in the escort officer.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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