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Political News(2020/02/11)

Kyoto   Hakone

National Foundation Day message "bright future opening up cut" prime minister

2020-02-11 06:14:00
Ryowa the first time to become 11 days of the "National Foundation Day", Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the message, "boldly challenge the difficult task, and a renewed determination to go open up a bright future." You are .


A month in the House of Representatives passage of pursuing the ruling party budget in opposition Kitamura local creation phase answer

2020-02-11 05:46:00
In the National Assembly, Kitamura local creation Minister, has apologized for the answer over the official document management of "meeting to see the cherry blossoms." In the intensive deliberations of the opposition parties is 12 days, continue while the idea to pursue, the ruling side, is steadily deliberations, aim the House of Representatives passage of the month of the new fiscal year budget policy.


Incumbent Minister of parental leave acquisition "favor" 67% NHK poll

2020-02-11 05:08:00
In accordance with the Koizumi Minister of the Environment the birth of the first child, related to obtaining for the first time parental leave as a minister of the incumbent, in the NHK poll, where the Minister of the incumbent asked the pros and cons of obtaining a parental leave , the person who answered "favor" was up to 67 percent.


Tokyo District Court after tomorrow prosecution quasi-appeal judgment in the bail decision of Akimoto lawmakers

2020-02-11 00:46:00
For Tsukasa Akimoto member of the House of Representatives, which is charged with corruption cases over the IR · integrated resort facility, the Tokyo District Court has issued a decision to allow 10 days bail, judgment for the prosecution of the quasi-appeal against the this is 12 days later It was carried over to. Akimoto lawmakers have paid already the bail 30 million yen, is expected to court is released on bail if Shirizokere a quasi-appeal.


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