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Political News(2020/02/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

Meeting of Experts to guide the development of "the domestic outbreak early" visit

2020-02-16 20:55:00
While infection of the new coronavirus is successive in many places, the government 16 days, a meeting made in such infectious diseases expert, after confirming a common understanding that it is "infection occurs early in the country", severe patients to be properly received medical care before, now as soon as possible organize it a measure of consultation.


Edano representative in Tatsumin Party Congress a regime change in the next lower house election

2020-02-16 18:08:00
Constitutional Party Congress of the Democratic Party is opened, Edano representatives, to strengthen the opposition party cooperation, it showed the determination to aim for regime change in the next House of Representatives election.


Support the prime minister instructed to first move to the new virus spread of infection prevention

2020-02-16 17:53:00
The new headquarters of the government over the infection of coronavirus is opened, Abe Prime Minister, the ministers together with the show the idea include the best for the expansion prevention of domestic infection, I was instructed to cope with first move first move.


The Liberal Democratic Party and women lawmakers group to requirements review study of sexual violence criminal law

2020-02-16 12:53:00
From the fact that there were numerous acquitted at trial over the sexual violence, female members group of the Liberal Democratic Party, as a requirement of the criminal law is too strict, I will be starting the investigation towards the review.


Hometown tax payment after the Tokyo Setagaya tax revenues down 3 years of on whether the 10 billion yen more than

2020-02-16 07:24:00
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo is the amount of the write-down of resident tax income from hometown tax payment, as it is expected to more than 100 billion yen in three years, we decided to go to seek a review of the system in the country.


"France and information exchange in the vessels dispatched to the Middle East" Kono Defense Minister

2020-02-16 06:54:00
Kono Defense Minister in visit to Germany, met with French Paruri Defense Minister, told the idea you want to proceed with France and information exchange that has sent the ships both in the Middle East region.


Match at an early visit to Japan adjustment of the Foreign Minister to Japan and Russia Foreign Ministers' Meeting peace treaty negotiations accelerate

2020-02-16 06:44:00
In Germany of Motegi Foreign Minister visited, met with Russia's Lavrov Foreign Minister, to advance the peace treaty negotiations, including the Northern Territories issue, make sure that both are going to find possible solutions accepted, the acceleration of negotiations It matched by going to adjust an early visit to Japan of Lavrov Foreign Minister towards.


Match in close collaboration to medium Foreign Ministers' Meeting new virus spread of infection prevention day

2020-02-16 06:21:00
Tour of the spread of the new coronavirus, Motegi Minister of Foreign Affairs met with Wang Yi Foreign Minister of China, in terms of conveyed the appreciation for the cooperation of the chartered plane dispatched to return the local Japanese, closely in order to prevent the spread of infection It matched by going to work together.


Consultation in the new virus today's meeting criteria summarized considered thickness Rosho

2020-02-16 06:19:00
In response to that one after another infection of the new coronavirus throughout the country, an expert meeting of the government Kato, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare to be held in 16 days, the general public is summarizes the criteria for a guideline should seek medical institutions to get showed the idea.


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