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Political News(2020/03/08)

Kyoto   Hakone

Check the study situation of emergency response measures of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe new virus 2nd

2020-03-08 18:56:00
In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, Abe Prime Minister, Saturday and Sunday also have received reports from relevant ministries and agencies in the Prime Minister's Office, to enter the Prime Minister's Office before 4:00 pm eight days, ministers and Kato of Health, Labor and Welfare, I met with Nishimura economic revival in charge of ministers in charge of the bill to be submitted to the 10th National Assembly.


"The establishment in the reconstruction-related law amendments the current Diet session," Tanaka reconstruction phase

2020-03-08 12:27:00
In "Sunday discussion" of NHK, Tanaka reconstruction minister, still the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, as it challenges abound, reconstruction in is established related to the amendment of the law now in parliament, fine-grained approach to forward-looking it stressed the need.


Kato to expand to 7,000 more than a day at the end of the month the new virus inspection Atsurosho

2020-03-08 11:46:00
Tour of the inspection of the new coronavirus, Kato, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare is expanding the system in such that it has been applied public insurance Sunday discussion of NHK, per day by the end of this month, prospects that are complete inspection system of more than 7,000 the showed.


Rush of companies and support of school care ... government the second installment of emergency measures established

2020-03-08 05:47:00
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, for the second series of emergency measures, the government, a policy that incorporate such as the guardian of the support measures and corporate financing measures to prevent forced to rest the work at an extraordinary school closures of schools, 9 the aim of determination of the day, we decided to rush to put together.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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