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Political News(2020/03/20)

Kyoto   Hakone

Calls for bold consumption stimulus measures from the central hearing restaurant business officials

2020-03-20 21:22:00
Toward the additional economic measures that have undergone the spread of the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe et al., Meeting to listen to such opinion about actual situation in the field is opened, the restaurant business from the parties, of coupons that can be used in restaurants such as distribution, was succession of calls for bold consumption stimulus measures.


One o'clock Chinese ship entering the Senkaku off the coast of territorial waters

2020-03-20 19:55:00
20 days, off the coast of the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture, entered the Japanese territorial waters over the ship four vessels is approximately 2 hours of China Coast Guard, warning and continue to monitor so that the 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters do not enter the territorial waters again you have.


Gratitude to the telephone conversation 2.5 billion yen support description Japan and Iran Foreign Minister

2020-03-20 19:28:00
Tour of the spread of the new coronavirus, Motegi Foreign Minister, and the infected person talks on the phone with Iranian Zarifu Foreign Minister has become the third most in the world, to determine the support of approximately 25 billion yen through international organizations while described, Zarifu Mr. showed his appreciation.


"Large-scale event will continue a cautious" in the prime minister government headquarters

2020-03-20 18:43:00
In the new coronavirus headquarters of the government, Abe Prime Minister, to the organizers of large-scale events that are requested the refrain, it showed the idea to seek a continued cautious support. On the other hand, On the school closures request of the national uniform, towards the resumption of the school to welcome the new semester, I was instructed to put together a policy on Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry.


Match in cooperation with the Korean Foreign Minister new virus spread convergence during the day

2020-03-20 12:56:00
In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, television conference is carried out by South Korea three countries of foreign ministers during the day, towards the convergence of the situation, the three countries has been matched with the recognition that it is important to cooperate. In addition, with respect to Japan's position aimed at implementation of the Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games in a complete form, it was expressed both countries support.


Consider the payment deadline one year about the extension of the government and the Liberal Democratic Party Income Taxes

2020-03-20 07:18:00
On the additional economic measures that have undergone the spread of the new coronavirus, the government and the Liberal Democratic Party, in order to support the financing of the company, it went into consideration the payment deadline of corporate tax in the direction to extend about one year.


Carefully determine the government experts meeting proposals received were closed request cancellation

2020-03-20 05:23:00
In response to the expert meeting is a summary of recommendations concerning the new coronavirus, the government refrain request, such as a large-scale event is expected to consider in the direction to continue for the time being. On the other hand, whether or not to cancel the request for school closures nationwide uniform, we have to be careful judgment.


From entering the waiting request 21 days to Japan, such as European countries 38 or to the country added

2020-03-20 05:09:00
In order to strengthen the border measures of the new coronavirus, the country for which you want and two weeks at home waiting for all of those who arrived in Japan, 38 countries, such as European countries will be added from 21 days.


Thorough government expert meeting recommended the explosive spread of you it also measures

2020-03-20 04:15:00
Measures government of experts meeting to discuss the new coronavirus is opened 19 days night, if you keep patients who do not know the source of infection is increased continuously, as there are also explosive spread occurs fear, we seek a thorough measures recommendations It was put together. Also looking to implement in helping large-scale events will continue cautious correspondence while required, is such as school activities and sports in the region where infection has not been confirmed it is determined the risk.


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