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Political News(2020/03/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

Cash payments will be provided when the infection has spread.

2020-03-29 22:43:00
Regarding economic measures that have been affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, the Liberal Democratic Party's chairman, Kishida's affairs researcher, acknowledged that reporters in Naha City may be willing to pay more cash when the spread of infection has stopped. It was.


“High-priority employment, large-scale economic policy after convergence” Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga

2020-03-29 20:56:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga, who visited Okinawa, said that he would give top priority to maintaining employment, which is concerned about the spread of the new coronavirus, and would make a large-scale recovery for tourism after the infection subsided. Emphasized the idea of ​​taking economic measures.


"All-out efforts to support increased ventilator production and therapeutic drug development" Economic Recovery Phase

2020-03-29 17:58:00
After inspecting the National Center for Global Health Care in Tokyo, which is treating patients infected with the new coronavirus, Nishimura's minister in charge of economic revitalization told reporters that the production of medical devices would be increased in order not to increase the number of seriously ill or dead. He expressed his commitment to supporting the development of therapeutic drugs.


LDP recommends securing substantially the same amount of income for childcare leave 4 weeks after childbirth

2020-03-29 13:39:00
To encourage men to take childcare leave, the Liberal Democratic Party will recommend to the government that if they take childcare leave four weeks after giving birth, they will get substantially the same amount of income as before the leave.


"Urgent Economic Measures of Scale Over Lehman Shock"

2020-03-29 12:37:00
Nishimura's Minister of Economic Rehabilitation stated in the NHK's “Sunday Debate” that he will include cash payments to individuals whose income has dropped significantly due to the spread of the new coronavirus. He showed the idea of ​​urgently developing measures.


The ruling and opposition parties "Unprecedented large-scale economic measures" Sunday discussion

2020-03-29 12:36:00
In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the NHK's "Sunday Debate" was expressed by both the ruling and opposition parties asking for a large-scale unprecedented economic measure.


Launching a flying object toward the North Sea of ​​Japan

2020-03-29 07:56:00
The government has announced that North Korea has launched what appears to be two ballistic missiles on the morning of the 29th, both presumed to have fallen outside of Japan's EEZ = exclusive economic zone.


Targeting the employment ice age generation, about 160 people will be adopted as national civil servants next spring

2020-03-29 06:28:00
The unified recruitment test for national civil servants for the so-called employment ice age generation will be held for the first time this fall. Approximately 160 people will be hired next spring.


Cash payments to formulate an emergency economic measure that surpasses Lehman time

2020-03-29 06:21:00
With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Prime Minister Abe has announced a policy of formulating an emergency economic measure of a scale larger than that of the Lehman shock, formulating a supplementary budget for the new fiscal year, and clarifying the idea of ​​cash payment Did. Regarding cash benefits, it is expected that the benefits will be adjusted in the future for households and other households whose income may decrease and their lives may become difficult.


Sexual crimes Consultation for victims of sexual violence Nearly 20% of interviewers are junior high school students or younger

2020-03-29 05:28:00
About the "support centers" nationwide to receive consultations from victims of sexual crimes and sexual violence, the Cabinet Office announced the results of the survey, which showed that nearly 20% of the victims interviewed were junior high school students or younger.


Decision on "basic coping policy" Directing formulation of emergency economic measures New Corona

2020-03-29 00:22:00
While the new coronavirus infection continued to spread, the government opened a countermeasures headquarters and decided on a "basic coping policy" that included general policies. In addition, Prime Minister Abe has instructed the formulation of an emergency economic measure of a scale greater than that during the Lehman shock and the formulation of a supplementary budget for the new fiscal year.


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