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Political News(2020/04/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister Abe confirms domestic infection status Discusses with relevant ministers at the official residence

2020-04-12 19:29:00
Prime Minister Abe entered the Prime Minister's Office on the 12th before 4:00 pm and had more than an hour with Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, and Nishimura's Minister for Economic Rehabilitation, which is in charge of special measures law against the new coronavirus countermeasures. We talked.


Infectious disease prevention measures at polling places By voting such as mayor election Saitama Sakado

2020-04-12 15:39:00
While an "emergency situation declaration" has been issued due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, Sakado City, Saitama Prefecture, has voted for the mayor's election on the 12th, and various polling stations in various places are taking measures to prevent infection.


Prime Minister Abe Video posting to spend at home Call for refraining from going out

2020-04-12 13:53:00
With the spread of the new coronavirus spreading, as the government seeks to refrain from going out, Prime Minister Abe posted a collaboration video on Twitter including the music of musician Gen Hoshino and taking a picture of how he spends his time at home. I called for self-restraint.


Posting the flow of people data on HP "Cooperation to reduce contact" Government

2020-04-12 13:49:00
In order to control the spread of new coronavirus infection, the government has begun efforts to post data showing the increase or decrease in the flow of people on its website based on the location information of mobile phones, etc. We would like to contribute to further cooperation of the people toward the 80% reduction.


The idea of ​​promoting the adjustment of "the minimum number of requests for leave" is Nishimura Economic Recovery Minister

2020-04-12 12:37:00
The Minister for Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura, who is in charge of the Act on Special Measures against Countermeasures against New Coronaviruses, told reporters that, based on the Act on Special Measures, measures such as leave requests made by prefectures are subject to restrictions on rights, He also said that the governor would take appropriate steps to ensure that appropriate measures can be taken.


"Opportunity for contact with people: 80% reduction as much as possible" Nishimura Economic Revitalization Debate on Sunday

2020-04-12 12:31:00
While the spread of the new coronavirus spreads, Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura says that although the flow of people will decrease in the target area after the "declaration of an emergency" was issued by NHK's "Sunday debate", We called for further efforts toward the goal of reducing contact opportunities with 80% as much as possible.


New Corona Emergency Economic Measures Opinion for further measures from the ruling and opposition parties

2020-04-12 06:32:00
Regarding the emergency economic measures due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the government and the ruling party are planning to establish a supplementary budget proposal for this year next week, but both the ruling and opposition parties are uniform cash payments and loss compensation due to leave, etc. Some people are calling for further measures.


Use of restaurants accompanied by customer service Self-restraint Requested at least 70% reduction in work hours Government

2020-04-12 06:29:00
In response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the government has sought to refrain from using restaurants throughout the night in the downtown area, and in the areas subject to the "Emergency Declaration," the minimum number of employees must be employees. The policy is to call for even more thorough reduction of contact opportunities, such as requesting 70% reduction.


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