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Political News(2020/04/25)

Kyoto   Hakone

Employment adjustment subsidy Policy to further increase subsidy rate for SMEs

2020-04-25 19:29:00
As the spread of the new coronavirus continues to spread, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato has told reporters that the employment adjustment subsidy to maintain employment will further increase the subsidy rate for SMEs. For small and medium-sized enterprises, such as responding to requests for cooperation for leave, the government grants the full amount up to a certain amount.


Prime Minister Abe "Everyone refrains from going out of infection" New Corona

2020-04-25 18:44:00
Prime Minister Abe said that Mr. Nishimura, who is in charge of economic revival, is working from home just in case after being infected by a staff member of the Cabinet Secretariat who responds to the new coronavirus, everyone is at risk of infection, He called on the people to refrain from going out again, saying that the utmost care was required.


"Inspection with a large number of people also sexually harassed" Protest against LDP members Girls support group

2020-04-25 17:18:00
Amid the spread of the new coronavirus infection, a group that supported girls who were victims of abuse and sexual violence received a visit this week to a visit from former members of the Liberal Democratic Party, including former Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. I posted a protest letter on Twitter asking for an apology because it was visited by a large number of people and there was sexual harassment etc.


Nishimura's Minister of Economic Revival works from home due to new corona infection of staff

2020-04-25 14:11:00
After confirming that an employee of the Cabinet Secretariat, which responded to the new coronavirus, was infected, Minister Nishimura, who is in charge of economic revitalization, said that he was not a close contact with this employee, but just in case I decided to cancel the scheduled press conference and work from home.


Male employees in their 40s in the “Countermeasure Promotion Office” of the Cabinet Secretariat confirmed new corona infection

2020-04-25 04:54:00
In order to deal with the new coronavirus, it was confirmed that a male employee in his 40s of the "Countermeasure Promotion Office" of the Cabinet Secretariat, which was established last month, was infected with the new coronavirus.


G20 Tourism Ministers' Meeting Strengthen international collaboration to restore consumer confidence in tourism

2020-04-25 04:31:00
The spread of the new coronavirus has seriously damaged the tourism industry around the world. G20 = Ministers in charge of tourism in the 20 major countries have agreed to hold an extraordinary meeting on the night of the 24th to strengthen international cooperation to restore consumer confidence in tourism.


Supporting students who are having a tough life due to a decrease in part-time income

2020-04-25 04:11:00
From the beginning of the week, the opposition parties such as the Constitutional Democratic Party have argued that support for tuition reduction and exemption is needed for students who have a hard time living due to the spread of new coronavirus infection It is expected to be discussed at the Diet.


At least 70% reduction in government employees requesting companies to make further efforts

2020-04-25 04:08:00
To end the new coronavirus infection, the government will further promote telework in order to reduce the number of employees at least 70% and flexibly set vacation periods to accommodate large holidays. We will be seeking the efforts of


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