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Political News(2020/05/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister Abe "Criteria for Canceling Emergency Declaration Requested by Experts"

2020-05-06 23:23:00
In response to the extension of the emergency declaration, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday night, appeared on the Internet program, listen to opinions from experts to prospect the middle of this month, after showing once again its intention to determine whether to release the declaration, decision We have clarified the idea of ​​requesting experts to create standards for this.


Osaka Prefecture decides its own criteria for facility reopening Economic recovery phase is uncomfortable

2020-05-06 20:22:00
Nishimura's Minister for Economic Recovery, who is in charge of the new coronavirus countermeasures, said that Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture decided on his own decision that the government did not indicate the criteria for judging the reopening of the facility, etc. It is at the discretion of the governor. "


“Reducing contact opportunities even after the end of a large holiday” Nishimura Economic Recovery Phase New Corona

2020-05-06 19:31:00
At the press conference, Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura in charge of measures against the new coronavirus evaluated at the press conference that the number of tourist destinations during large holidays was reduced by 70% to 80%, and from the 7th day after the consecutive holidays. We continued to call for cooperation to reduce contact opportunities.


Nishimura Economic Recovery Minister visited a supermarket in Tokyo for infection control measures New Corona

2020-05-06 16:44:00
Nishimura's Minister for Economic Recovery, who is in charge of the new coronavirus measures, visited a supermarket in Tokyo on the afternoon of the 6th and was informed of efforts such as calling for a small number of people to visit the store to prevent infection.


Prime Minister Abe's Internet program calls for cooperation to refrain from going out

2020-05-06 14:53:00
Following the extension of the Emergency Declaration, Prime Minister Abe calls for cooperation again, saying that by sending a video message to an Internet program and refraining from going out, it is possible to reduce new infected people and reduce the burden on the medical field. It was.


Nishimura Economic Regeneration Phase Visited a research university for therapeutic drugs New coronavirus

2020-05-06 12:24:00
Nishimura's Minister for Economic Recovery, who is in charge of the new coronavirus countermeasures, visited a university that is researching drugs that are expected to be one of the candidates for therapeutic drugs, and said that "therapeutic drugs are all around the world." , Conveyed the idea to support the development.


PCR test Consultation / review of consultation criteria "Fever" will be announced soon

2020-05-06 12:13:00
Regarding the PCR test for the new coronavirus, the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato has said, "If you continue to have a fever of 37 degrees and 5 minutes or more," you should consult about consultations and consultations. Has reviewed the idea so that even with a slight fever, it will be announced soon.


"Aegis Ashore" effectively abandoning candidate site in Akita city Ministry of Defense

2020-05-06 11:56:00
Regarding the deployment of "Aegis Ashore", the Ministry of Defense virtually abandoned the deployment of the SDF practice field in Akita city, which was a candidate site, considering that it was too close to a residential area and strong local opposition, and a new We have established a policy of considering such candidate sites mainly in Akita Prefecture.


Original draft of the New Measures for Countermeasures Against Society with Declining Birthrate Expansion of benefits during childcare leave Government

2020-05-06 04:56:00
The government has compiled a new draft of the “Countermeasures for a Society for the Declining Birthrate Society” to include measures such as expanding the benefits paid to people taking childcare leave and considering adding child allowances to their second and subsequent children. I'm out.


Declaration of Emergency Situation Weekly to see if it is possible to cancel hearings

2020-05-06 04:44:00
Regarding the emergency declaration that was extended until the end of this month, the government continued to pay close attention to trends in the number of infected persons in each prefecture and the medical care provision system, etc. It is a policy to consider whether such is possible.


Remdesibir Approved as a new corona treatment on 7th

2020-05-06 00:00:00
As for the new coronavirus treatment, “Lemdesibir”, which is undergoing procedures for the first time in Japan, has been approved by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato on the 7th.


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