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Political News(2020/05/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

New Corona Response Leadership Dissatisfied in many countries and regions

2020-05-10 16:10:00
When foreign survey companies conducted opinion polls on how people in 23 countries and regions around the world evaluate leadership in politics and economics in responding to the new coronavirus, many are not satisfied I understand.


Cancellation of the emergency declaration Many 34 prefectures are subject to consideration

2020-05-10 12:49:00
With regard to the declaration of an emergency, the Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura announced in NHK's “Sunday debate” that many of the 34 prefectures other than the “special alert prefectures” where the number of new infections will continue to decline will be released before the end of this month. In addition to the above, it was shown that 13 “specific warning prefectures” could also be the target depending on the situation.


The challenge is to balance government infection control with the resumption of economic activities New coronavirus

2020-05-10 07:19:00
While the number of people infected with the new-type coronavirus per day has been on a decreasing trend, the number of people in each region has increased after the long holidays. It is a difficult issue whether we try to achieve both.


Will Japan-Korea cooperation lead to succession of relations returning from overseas?

2020-05-10 05:38:00
Regarding the response to the new coronavirus, there are many cases in which Japanese and South Koreans, who have difficulty returning from abroad, return to Japan on temporary flights in cooperation with both Japan and South Korea. It will be noticed whether it will be connected.


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