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Political News(2020/05/31)

Kyoto   Hakone

"No redesignation of Kitakyushu City in Tokyo" Nishimura Economic Revitalization Ministerial Declaration of Emergency Situation

2020-05-31 12:50:00
Regarding Tokyo and Kitakyushu, where new infected persons are one after another, Minister Nishimura, who is in charge of economic revitalization, is not considering redesignating the emergency declaration at this time, and would like to detect infected persons early and try to contain them. I showed the idea.


Tokyo and Kitakyushu: Successive infection “Container identification and containment” Minister Nishimura

2020-05-31 11:48:00
Nishimura's "Debate on Sunday" made NHK's "Sunday debate" state that there was a new epidemic of the new infections in Tokyo and Kitakyushu, even after the declaration of an emergency was released. Therefore, he pointed out that it is important to identify concentrated contacts and contain the infection.


US President Trump to hold G7 postponement until September Impact of new Corona

2020-05-31 10:48:00
US President Trump has announced his intention to postpone the G7 Summit, a summit of the seven major nations, that was being coordinated in Washington late next month until September. He also indicated that he would like to invite four countries, including Russia and South Korea, to discuss China.


Consideration of Security Risks in Procurement of Government Communication Equipment Targeting 96 Corporations

2020-05-31 06:36:00
The government has required all independent administrative agencies and government-designated entities that handle personal information to consider security risks when procuring critical communications equipment. As a result, it is expected that China's telecommunications giant "Huawei" will be further eliminated.


Proposal for "Principles of Bone" such as new work style by expanding LDP corona

2020-05-31 04:49:00
In light of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the LDP is considering new ways of working and accelerating digitization, and is recommending the government to include it in its "bone policy."


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