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Political News(2020/06/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

New Corona Expert Meeting to clarify the speaker in the proceedings Nishimura Economic Recovery Minister

2020-06-07 19:13:00
Regarding the governmental expert meeting to discuss measures against the new coronavirus, Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura announced that he will make and publish a record including the speaker from the next meeting.


Downtown at night Cooperation with employees by calling for inspections Mr. Nishimura and Governor Koike

2020-06-07 19:03:00
In response to the confirmation of new infections with the new coronavirus centering on downtown Tokyo at night, the Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura and Governor of Koike in Tokyo met to entertain restaurants. We confirmed that we will work together to encourage employees to take PCR tests and support stores that are cooperative in infection control.


Second amendment Ruling party “early establishment” Opposition party Pursuit of administrative consignment

2020-06-07 12:00:00
The NHK's “Sunday Debate” will show the policy that the second supplementary budget plan for the new coronavirus countermeasures will be approved early, while the end of the session of the Diet will be held on the 17th of this month. , Showed the idea of ​​pursuing how to outsource administrative measures for consumption promotion measures such as sustainable benefits and tourism.


"Countermeasures for downtown at night" Talks with Minister of Economic Recovery Nishimura and Governor of Koike today

2020-06-07 04:01:00
Since new infections are being confirmed in Tokyo, mainly in downtown areas at night, Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura and Governor Koike of Tokyo met with experts on the 7th to analyze the current situation. In addition to taking action, we will exchange opinions on necessary measures in the future.


Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare summarizes plan for early commercialization of new corona vaccine

2020-06-07 04:00:00
Aiming at the early commercialization of a new coronavirus vaccine, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare aims to significantly reduce the period until commercialization, which normally takes several years, by advancing R&D and production system development in parallel. I have compiled a plan.


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