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Political News(2020/06/21)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister Abe spends about 5 months at home during the day

2020-06-21 21:05:00
In order to deal with the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Abe has been working at the Prime Minister's official residence every day since late January, but he did not enter the official residence on the 21st, and it was the first time in five months. I spent the middle at home in Tokyo.


Aegis Asshore deployment plan suspended Defense Minister apologizes to Akita Governor

2020-06-21 15:45:00
Following the suspension of the deployment plan for the new interceptor missile system "Aegis Ashore", Defense Minister Kono visited Akita Prefecture on the 21st and apologized to Governor Satake, while Governor Satake withdrew the plan early. I asked for a formal decision.


Telework more than 30% has experience Cabinet Office survey

2020-06-21 14:59:00
In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Cabinet Office conducted an attitude survey, and it was found that more than 30% of the people who were working had experienced telework, and Nishimura Minister for Economic Recovery continued to work on telework. Emphasized the idea of ​​promoting the efforts necessary to expand


Clinic outpatient pediatric insurance income reduced by about 40% Impact of new corona

2020-06-21 10:24:00
When the Japan Medical Association investigated how much the management of medical institutions is affected by the spread of new coronavirus infection, it was found that the pediatric insurance income of clinics decreased by nearly 40% compared to last year.


Around Amami Oshima Navigating in a narrow sea area Is China showing off its submarine capacity?

2020-06-21 05:11:00
The Chinese Navy submarines that were confirmed around Amami Oshima in Kagoshima Prefecture were sailing through a narrow sea area of ​​about 10 km in width. We are increasing caution as they may have shown off their abilities.


Aegis Asshore Withdrawal Policy National Security Strategy Revised Government

2020-06-21 04:53:00
Regarding the deployment plan of the new interceptor missile system "Aegis Ashore", the government will hold the NSC = National Security Council this week and withdraw. Then, we will start discussions toward the first revision of the "National Security Strategy," which is the basic policy of diplomacy and defense.


“A referendum for constitutional revisions during the term of the LDP president” Prime Minister Abe

2020-06-21 00:20:00
Prime Minister Abe appeared on an internet program on the night of the 20th, and expressed his willingness to hold a referendum asking whether to amend the constitution during his term as president of the LDP until September next year.


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