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Political News(2020/06/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

Ice Age Generations Maintaining the target of “Increasing 300,000 regular employees in three years” Economic recovery phase

2020-06-29 21:09:00
A meeting was held to discuss how to support the so-called employment ice age generation, and Minister Nishimura's economic revitalization said that he would stick to the goal of increasing the number of regular employees by 300,000 over the next three years, and he was active in economic groups and others. Requested cooperation in recruitment.


5G/Post-5G technology development Government supports domestic companies

2020-06-29 19:24:00
The government has decided to support domestic companies such as NEC, Fujitsu, and Rakuten Mobile in order to support the development of large-capacity communication standard 5G and the technology of the next generation. I want to compete with the leading Chinese.


Economic Recovery Phase Analysis of corona infection routes, etc. Going to talk with Governor Asuka Koike

2020-06-29 19:22:00
Nishimura, Minister for Economic Recovery, said at a press conference, "I am exchanging opinions with experts every day and watching the situation with a sense of tension. Honestly, I feel disgusting. We are asked to proceed with the analysis, such as if there is a cluster somewhere."


Ideas for promoting the use of prime minister AI Measures against the new corona

2020-06-29 17:59:00
In response to the new coronavirus measures, Prime Minister Abe received the recommendation of the LDP and showed the idea of ​​promoting the use of AI = artificial intelligence.


New Corona measures to prevent entry of 18 countries by border measures

2020-06-29 17:53:00
As a measure against the borderline of the new coronavirus, the government decided on the 29th to add 18 countries such as Algeria in North Africa and Lebanon in the Middle East to the new measures to deny entry of foreigners.


Non-payment of child support after divorce Support measures for single-parent families begin discussion

2020-06-29 16:27:00
The Ministry of Justice has set up a review meeting made up of experts to discuss support measures for single-parent families because of the problem of non-payment of child support after divorce.


Revision of Space Basic Plan To secure the success of Japanese people Government

2020-06-29 15:09:00
"Space Basic Plan" showing the basic policy of the national space policy for the next 10 years has been revised, and participation in the lunar exploration plan promoted by the United States, opportunities for activities including the landing of the Japanese astronaut on the moon It is said that it will demonstrate its presence as a space advanced nation by securing


Inspection of online medical treatment To verify timed measures that allow first medical examination

2020-06-29 14:20:00
In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus in medical institutions, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare visited the site of online medical treatment that is widely used, and there is a problem with online medical treatment from the first medical examination, which is currently recognized as a temporary measure. I showed you the idea of ​​doing a verification.


Chief Cabinet Secretary "Maintaining the G7 framework is extremely important"

2020-06-29 12:43:00
G7 Summit = Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga said that Japan reported to the US that Japan opposed the participation of South Korea over the summit of the seven major countries. Is very important," and I avoid making statements about facts.


"I'm not in a situation to immediately declare an emergency again" Chief Cabinet Secretary

2020-06-29 12:17:00
Regarding the increase in new cases of new coronaviruses in Tokyo, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga states that it is the result of actively inspecting concentrated contacts etc. and immediately issuing an emergency declaration again. He showed that he had no idea to request refraining from movement.


National pension payment rate 69.3%, surpassing the previous year for the eighth consecutive year Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

2020-06-29 10:20:00
The rate of payment of national pension insurance premiums for self-employed persons last year was 69.3%, which was the 8th consecutive year of surpassing the previous year due to strengthened measures against unpaid persons such as reminder.


Prepared for the re-expansion of government infections Analysis of the effects of countermeasures at an expert meeting New Corona

2020-06-29 04:38:00
While the number of new people infected with the new coronavirus has been around 100 for the past few days, the government this week held the first meeting of the experts' meeting by Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University to see the effects of the measures so far. We will analyze and prepare for the spread of the infection.


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