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Political News(2020/07/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Kagoshima prefectural governor election Koichi Shiota, a newcomer, beats the current staff and is sure to win

2020-07-12 22:42:00
The Kagoshima prefectural governor's election, which was a dispute of seven people, is a newcomer, and Koichi Shiota, the former director of the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Bureau, defeats the incumbents recommended by the LDP and Komeito parties to ensure the first election. did.


National Reinforcement Plan "Bone Policy" LDP Masatoshi Kishida Chairman

2020-07-12 21:08:00
Following the damage caused by the heavy rain, LDP Chairman Kishida's presidential survey stated that he should continue to work on strengthening the country, and requested that the government's "thick policy" be specifically included.


Prime Minister Abe to visit the disaster area of ​​Kumamoto Prefecture tomorrow

2020-07-12 17:57:00
Prime Minister Abe will visit the devastated area in Kumamoto Prefecture on the 13th to understand the damage caused by this heavy rain. In the evening, I will return to Tokyo and open the emergency disaster response headquarters at the Prime Minister's official residence to discuss future responses.


Representative of Ritsumin Edaeno Conditions for confluence Asking the public about new ideas

2020-07-12 17:56:00
Concerning the confluence with the National Democratic Party, which was postponed in January this year, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Edano, revealed that he undertook a new way of thinking about the conditions of the confluence and would like to reach an early conclusion. I showed you.


Resident Eda representative "Emergency declaration in Tokyo" New Coronavirus

2020-07-12 17:10:00
Responding to the fact that there are more than 200 new people infected with the new coronavirus in Tokyo every day, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Edano, indicated that he should issue an emergency declaration to Tokyo.


“Go To Campaign” Tourists and Businesses Measures to Prevent Infection by Minister Nishimura

2020-07-12 14:06:00
As the government's “Go To Campaign” to stimulate consumption begins on 22nd of this month, Minister Nishimura's economic revitalization will increase the number of infected people, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. We urged both parties to thoroughly implement infection control measures.


Call for data provision to companies and universities New Corona Nishimura Economic Recovery Minister

2020-07-12 11:54:00
Regarding the successive infections confirmed by the new coronavirus, mainly in Tokyo, Minister Nishimura's economic revitalization pointed out in NHK's "Sunday debate" that the situation was alarming, and further strengthened the measures. Therefore, again this week, I showed the idea of ​​calling on private companies and universities to provide data.


Reconstruction of areas affected by heavy rains

2020-07-12 11:19:00
Regarding the response to a series of heavy rain disasters, Minister for Disaster Prevention Takeda said in the NHK's "Sunday discussion", while the infection of the new coronavirus continues, while aiming at both infection prevention and disaster countermeasures, aiming at the recovery of the disaster area, He expressed his desire to secure volunteers.


Opposition party started signing activities to “improve voting rate in lower house election”

2020-07-12 06:30:00
For the next House of Representatives election, the Constitutional Democratic Party and others have started a campaign to support the opposition party while signing activities to improve the voting rate.


Government warns of the spread of infection to the elderly

2020-07-12 06:17:00
While the number of new cases of new coronavirus in Tokyo has exceeded 200 for three consecutive days, the number of confirmed infections centered around the Tokyo metropolitan area has increased, and the government has been cautious about whether secondary infections to the elderly will spread. Therefore, we will carry out PCR tests in a wide range of areas to try to understand the trend of infection, and ask business operators to take measures to avoid the "three secrets".


My number card grant application surges 2.6 million in 2 months

2020-07-12 06:07:00
Since May, a uniform payment of 100,000 yen in cash has begun, and since May, the number of applications for the issuance of My Number Card has increased sharply, and it has been revealed that the number of applications has reached 2.6 million in the two months to last month.


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