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Political News(2020/07/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

Nishimura's economic revitalization minister, "Futake" to realize more effective infection control measures

2020-07-19 21:25:00
Regarding measures against the new coronavirus, Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura visited the latest supercomputer "Togaku", and based on the simulation results of flying infection, he expressed his desire to realize more effective infection prevention measures. It was


Nishimura Economic Revitalization Minister "Analysis of infection status at subcommittee this week"

2020-07-19 19:35:00
Nishimura, Minister for Economic Recovery, told reporters in the city of Kobe, who was visiting the site, about the current infection status, saying, "There are variations depending on the day of the week, but the number of positive people has been increasing at a high level, so the sense of crisis has increased. There is."


Request for leave of absence To ensure effectiveness Governor's office "Penalty and compensation for leave of absence request"

2020-07-19 18:28:00
With the spread of the new coronavirus, the National Governor's Association has requested the government to revise the law and establish a penal provision and compensation system in order to ensure the effectiveness of the leave request made by the governor to business operators. I decided.


Representative of Ritsumin Edano The government will carry out PCR tests at the expense of volunteer applicants.

2020-07-19 17:26:00
Representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Mr. Edano, who has suffered a series of heavy rain disasters, said that the country will bear the cost for PCR tests for volunteer applicants, saying that there is a shortage of labor in the affected area due to the new coronavirus. Showed the idea that it should be.


Chief Cabinet Secretary "Promote infection control measures in line with investigations based on the Fengei Law"

2020-07-19 13:12:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga, who is a privately-held program, has been confirming a series of new coronavirus infections centering on restaurants with entertainment, and urged thorough measures to prevent infection in line with on-site investigations based on the Customs and Business Law. I showed the idea to go.


"Go To Travel" The ruling and opposition parties discuss

2020-07-19 12:15:00
In NHK's "Sunday debate" about "Go To Travel" to stimulate tourism demand, the ruling party showed that it should flexibly respond to the infection situation and consider compensation for cancellation fees. Opposition parties, on the other hand, called for postponement for the time being and support for local efforts.


National Assembly of Parliamentarians aims to protect Hong Kong citizens Defense Minister Nakatani, etc.

2020-07-19 07:41:00
Over the Hong Kong National Security Act of China, a bipartisan federation of parliament will be launched next week to protect Hong Kong citizens.


LDP factions will hold parties one after another due to corona effects

2020-07-19 05:16:00
With more than a year remaining until the term of office of members of the House of Representatives, an Aso party was held last week within the LDP. The parties are an important source of funding for each faction and will be held in due course.


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