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Political News(2020/07/25)

Kyoto   Hakone

Mr. Edeno, Tatsumin, "Basis for not issuing an emergency situation, explain at the Diet"

2020-07-25 19:17:00
Prime Minister Abe of the Constitutional Democratic Party explained the grounds at the Diet regarding the idea that Prime Minister Abe will not issue an emergency declaration again on the night of 24th while new infections of the new coronavirus are being confirmed one after another. Showed the idea that it should be.


Foreign Minister Mogi visits the UK next month to determine the infection status and go to face-to-face diplomacy

2020-07-25 06:41:00
Due to the global spread of the new coronavirus, entry and exit to and from foreign countries have been restricted, and ministers have not visited foreign countries last February. Under such circumstances, Foreign Minister Mogi will visit Britain in the beginning of next month and will engage in ministerial talks to conclude an economic partnership agreement.In the future, I would like to proceed with face-to-face diplomacy with each country while checking the infection situation. ..


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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