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Political News(2020/07/26)

Kyoto   Hakone

Economic Regeneration Minister Calls on Economic Organizations to Request Thorough Infection Control

2020-07-26 21:04:00
In a press conference, Minister of Economic Rehabilitation Nishimura reported that the number of people infected with the new coronavirus was reported to be high throughout the country on the 26th. He indicated that he would request that thorough measures be taken again, such as people not going to work.


Ministry of Defense Sold for the first time in a defense equipment auction that is no longer needed

2020-07-26 19:03:00
For the first time, the Ministry of Defense conducted an auction of defense equipment that is no longer needed, and sold about 30 items in total, including the retired training ship's steering wheel, for a total of 5.81 million yen.


Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare "Need to develop a sustainable medical service system" New Corona

2020-07-26 11:33:00
Regarding the new confirmation of new coronavirus infection, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Kato stated in the NHK's "Sunday debate" that it is necessary to develop a continuous medical care provision system that reduces the burden on the medical field. I showed you.


Large-scale infectious disease is addressed in the constitutional amendment item "emergency response"

2020-07-26 04:06:00
In response to the spread of the new coronavirus, the Liberal Democratic Party's League of Parliament has recommended that the party add a large-scale infectious disease to the “emergency response” listed as one of the constitutional amendments.


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