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Political News(2020/08/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Ritsuminin's secretary of the Oga House of Representatives infects new corona

2020-08-01 17:44:00
It was confirmed that the secretary of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Representative of the House of Representatives Oga Ishikawa, was infected with the new coronavirus.


Preventing a rapid increase in infections in collaboration with the government prefectures New coronavirus

2020-08-01 06:37:00
While the number of new people infected with the new coronavirus exceeded 1,500 nationwide on the 31st, the government is already influencing the response of medical institutions, etc., while the infection is expanding, thorough cooperation with each prefecture We would like to work on effective cluster measures to prevent a rapid increase in infections.


Prime Minister Mori adjusts to attend the funeral of former Taiwan President Li Teng-hui

2020-08-01 05:25:00
In response to the death of former Prime Minister Lee Teng Hui, who was known for his efforts to democratize Taiwan and was known as a pro-Japanese family, the Japanese government has been making arrangements for former Prime Minister Mori to attend the funeral. I will.


The ruling and opposition parties will talk about whether to question the prime minister in the closing examination

2020-08-01 05:21:00
Opposition parties called for an extraordinary session of the Diet based on the provisions of the Constitution, saying that the Diet should discuss the response to the new coronavirus, but the government and the ruling party had a negative opinion on the early assembly. Is coming out. It is expected that the ruling and opposition parties will discuss whether the opposition party will ask the question to Prime Minister Abe during the closing session.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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