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Political News(2020/08/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

Thoughts on promoting efforts to avoid government redeclaration

2020-08-10 06:43:00
Regarding the countermeasures against the new coronavirus, the government wants to avoid reissuing an emergency declaration in consideration of the enormous impact on the economy, and it is a policy to thoroughly prevent the infection of the elderly, etc. Is calling for refraining from high-risk situations such as large group meals.


Difficulty in corona To enhance support such as re-employment of foreign technical interns

2020-08-10 06:11:00
While the infection with the new coronavirus continues to spread, the Immigration Bureau will continue to support the re-employment of foreign technical intern trainees who have been dismissed from the training destination, and for those trainees who are unable to return to Japan after completing the training, We plan to consider measures to enhance support, such as extending the period of stay.


Former Prime Minister Mori visited Taiwan, in memory of former President Lee Lee's memorial hall

2020-08-10 00:09:00
Former Prime Minister Mori and a bipartisan parliamentarian who is promoting exchanges with Taiwan visited Taiwan on the 9th, and visited the memorial hall for former Prime Minister Lee Teng-hui, who died last month.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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