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Political News(2020/09/05)

Kyoto   Hakone

Kunizumi Izumicho Chairman calls for the support of “the trusted opposition party”

2020-09-05 19:20:00
At the office of the Parliament House, the National Democratic Party's Chairman Izumi's political researcher called himself to call for support.


Residents Edano representative Posting a video on Twitter "To the national election to appeal to the people"

2020-09-05 19:19:00
Representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Mr. Edano, at the office of the Parliament House, proceeded to prepare materials for the policy to appeal in the representative election.


Liberal Democratic Party president elected former secretary general Ishiba on TV appearance in Fukuoka and appealed for support

2020-09-05 16:34:00
Former Secretary-General Ishiba of the LDP visited Fukuoka City and appealed for support on a commercial TV program.


Training for responding to injured terrorists at large-scale sports events Tokyo

2020-09-05 16:23:00
Training was carried out at the SDF Central Hospital in Tokyo on the assumption that terrorism occurred at a large-scale sporting event and that many people were injured.


Typhoon No. 10 Defense Minister Kono "Self-Defense Force 22,000 people first dynamics"

2020-09-05 15:25:00
Minister of Defense Kono told reporters in Tokyo, "We have the initial dynamics of about 22,000 Self-Defense Forces so that we can respond when something happens. We want to be fully prepared as a Self-Defense Force."


New security strategy to announce Prime Minister Abe's discourse in the second half of next week

2020-09-05 13:56:00
The government is coordinating to announce Prime Minister Abe's discourse in the second half of next week on a new security strategy, including a missile defense system.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan's time of dissolution of the House of Representatives "What the new Prime Minister will judge"

2020-09-05 11:51:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga, who has expressed his candidacy for the LDP presidential election, has appeared on a commercial program and stressed that the timing of the dissolution of the House of Representatives is "a new decision by the Prime Minister."


Election of representative of the new confluent party Mr. Edano Ritsumin and the chairman of Kokusai Izumi

2020-09-05 05:21:00
Representatives of the Constitutional Democratic Party and the new Democratic Party, such as the National Democratic Party, were announced by the representatives of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Mr. Edano, and the National Democratic Party's Chairman, Izumi. While Mr. Edano is considered to be in a favorable situation due to the number of members in the party, Mr. Izumi wants to get back by taking in independent members and others, and the movement to get support is active. It is a prospect.


Preliminary election prospects for more than 40 prefectural LDP elections

2020-09-05 05:15:00
The Liberal Democratic Party presidential election, which elects to replace Prime Minister Abe, is expected to be a primary election by party members in more than 40 prefectures so far, and Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga, President Kishida's political research president, and former secretary Ishiba The three chiefs will focus on acquiring local votes by visiting various places on weekends starting from the 5th.


Ministry of Defense revises the way of information sharing by abandoning Aegis Asshore deployment

2020-09-05 04:47:00
Regarding the abandonment of the deployment of the new interceptor missile system "Aegis Ashore", the Ministry of Defense decided to revise the way of sharing information within the ministry because there was a delay in reporting to the minister while there was concern that the missile needs to be repaired. I am.


Government will pay JPY 700 billion from contingency to purchase new corona vaccine

2020-09-05 04:46:00
In order to cover the cost of purchasing the new coronavirus vaccine from overseas pharmaceutical companies, the government has decided to spend approximately 700 billion yen from this year's contingency.


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