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Political News(2020/10/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

Relocation of Henoko Okinawa Governor Tamagusuku "Abandon" Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato "Understanding"

2020-10-10 20:54:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato, who is visiting Okinawa, met with Governor Tamaki and was asked to abandon the relocation of the U.S. military Futenma base to Henoko, Nago City, while maintaining the deterrence of the Japan-US alliance and eliminating the danger of the base. He sought understanding that the only solution to the problem was the relocation of Henoko.


Representative Edano Ritsumin "Government seeks to eliminate illegal activities" Appointment of 6 academic councils

2020-10-10 18:41:00
Regarding the failure to appoint the six member candidates recommended by the Science Council of Japan, Edano, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said, "It is the government's responsibility to eliminate the current illegal activities," and appointed six members to the government. I showed the idea of ​​seeking.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato and local mayor meet over Futenma base relocation

2020-10-10 18:31:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato, who is visiting Okinawa, will meet with the mayors of Ginowan City, where the U.S. military Futenma base is located, and Nago City, where the relocation will take place, to convey his thoughts on the realization of an early return and to relocate. I asked for an understanding of the construction.


Prime Minister Suga instructed each ministry and agency to take all possible measures such as providing information and evacuation support

2020-10-10 17:57:00
Following the announcement of special warnings for heavy rains in Miyake Village and Mikurajima Village in the Izu Islands of Tokyo, Prime Minister Suga provided information to the people in a timely and accurate manner and worked closely with local governments. Then, I instructed them to take all possible precautions such as evacuation support.


To expand "green investment" Positioned as a growth strategy Minister of Economic Revitalization Nishimura

2020-10-10 16:42:00
Toward the realization of a carbon-free society, the Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura will observe Saga City's efforts to utilize carbon dioxide emitted from factories for agriculture, and select companies that will focus on measures such as global warming as investment destinations. He expressed his intention to position it as one of the growth strategies in order to promote the expansion of "green investment".


Science Council of Japan "Appointment is illegal without looking at the recommendation list" Professor Okada

2020-10-10 16:24:00
He was not appointed for explaining on the 9th that Prime Minister Suga had "not seen" the list of 105 nominees, including six unappointed member candidates, over the personnel affairs of the Science Council of Japan. Masanori Okada, a professor at Waseda University alone, said, "'Not seeing' the list is clearly against the provisions of the law because it was appointed without being based on the recommendation list from the Science Council of Japan." I did.


Mobile phone charge reduction "Realize as soon as possible" Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda

2020-10-10 16:11:00
Regarding the reduction of mobile phone charges, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda said, "I believe that the three major companies will handle the charges appropriately based on management decisions," and expressed hope that the price reduction would be realized as soon as possible.


Maritime Self-Defense Force dispatch unit Vietnam port call Aim to strengthen cooperation with China in mind

2020-10-10 16:09:00
Maritime Self-Defense Force submarines and escorts dispatched from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean have called at Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam. Japan and Vietnam are expected to aim to strengthen cooperation with China in mind, which is strengthening its marine expansion in the South China Sea.


Chief Cabinet Secretary of Okinawa Inspection "Need to steadily proceed with Henoko relocation work"

2020-10-10 13:46:00
Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato, who is visiting Okinawa, wants to realize a full return to the reporters to eliminate the danger of Futenma base after inspecting the U.S. military Futenma base and Henoko, Nago city, where it was relocated from the sky. As a result, he expressed his intention to steadily proceed with the construction for the relocation.


To verify from the perspective of administrative reform, such as the adequacy of the budget scale of academic conferences Government

2020-10-10 06:22:00
Regarding the Science Council of Japan, the government plans to verify the validity of the budget and the scale of the secretariat under Minister Kono from the perspective of administrative reform.


Public Prosecutor's Office Law Amendment Proposal The government and the ruling party will not resubmit

2020-10-10 04:44:00
Regarding the amendment to the Public Prosecutor's Office Law, which was abolished in the previous Diet session, the government and the ruling party have not reached a conclusion on the treatment of the special provision that the retirement age can be extended up to 3 years if the Cabinet approves, and later this month. We have decided to forgo resubmission to the extraordinary Diet session, which is scheduled to be convened in Japan.


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