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Political News(2020/11/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

Recall of Governor of Aichi Prefecture Expected to not reach the required number of signatures

2020-11-07 21:20:00
Katsuya Takasu, director of the cosmetic surgery "Takasu Clinic", who is the chairman of the organization that has been signing the recall of Governor Omura of Aichi Prefecture, has finished the signing activity because of his health condition. Clarified to do. As a result, it is expected that the number of signatures required for recall will not be reached in this activity.


Prime Minister Suga Cooperates with the Governor of Corona Infection in Hokkaido

2020-11-07 19:01:00
Prime Minister Suga gave a lecture in Yokohama City, and emphasized the idea of ​​taking all possible measures in cooperation with Governor Suzuki of Hokkaido in response to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection in Hokkaido.


Science Council of Japan Liberal Democratic Party Mr. Shimomura "Appointing as it is is the same as not having the right to appoint"

2020-11-07 14:05:00
Regarding the appointment of members of the Science Council of Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the political affairs investigation, Shimomura, gave a lecture in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido, pointing out that "if you appoint a recommended person as it is every time, it is the same as if the Prime Minister does not have the right to appoint." However, he acknowledged that there was no problem with the government's response.


Attended a memorial service for SDF personnel who had died, such as the prime minister

2020-11-07 13:08:00
Prime Minister Suga attended the memorial service for the SDF members who had died, and said, "We will protect the lives and peaceful lives of the people without eliminating precious sacrifices," and comforted the spirits of the members.


Opposition opposition talks continue after Prime Minister's "advance adjustment" remarks

2020-11-07 04:47:00
At the Diet, Prime Minister Suga said that three years ago, the government and the conference had been coordinating before submitting the nomination list over the appointment of members of the Science Council of Japan. Opposition parties, on the other hand, have opposed it as "unjustified political intervention," and it is expected that discussions between the ruling and opposition parties will continue in the future, such as by holding intensive deliberations.


Foreigners refusing to leave the country Policy not to be accommodated in facilities if certain conditions are met

2020-11-07 04:34:00
Regarding the problem that foreigners who have been deported have refused to leave the country and have been detained for a long time, the Immigration Bureau of Japan has put together a policy for law revision, and foreigners who meet certain conditions are detained in the facility. Instead, they allow them to live a social life with their relatives.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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