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Political News(2020/11/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

GoTo Travel “Take Compensation Measures, Stop Temporarily” Representative Edano Ritsumin

2020-11-28 19:40:00
Regarding "Go To Travel," the Constitutional Democratic Party's representative, Edano, should take compensation measures for users and businesses, saying that it may lead to further spread of the infection of the new coronavirus, and then temporarily stop it. I showed the idea.


Political fund balance report submitted online 2 billion yen investment but 1% use

2020-11-28 19:31:00
The use of the system for submitting the political fund balance report with 2 billion yen invested online has been sluggish, and it has been used by political organizations related to parliamentarians only about 1% for the past two years. I found out by interviewing. Experts point out that "politicians must change their behavior as the government advances digitalization."


Self-Defense Forces Aviation Inspection Ceremony "Efforts to Eliminate Vertical Organizations" Prime Minister

2020-11-28 13:43:00
Prime Minister Suga gave instructions at the SDF's aviation inspection ceremony, demanded that he continue to actively work on medical support for measures against the new coronavirus, and then the organization's diversified missions such as strengthening defense capabilities in the space and cyber fields. I instructed them to work without vertical division.


Government ruling party Coordinates next year's ordinary session of the Diet at a convocation in mid-January

2020-11-28 06:28:00
The government and the ruling party are coordinating next year's ordinary session of the Diet in the direction of convening in mid-January, and will set a specific schedule while assessing the status of the third supplementary budget for this year and the budget for next year. I will judge.


Discussion on correcting the disparity in the LDP House of Councilors election

2020-11-28 05:11:00
Following the Supreme Court's decision on the one-vote disparity in the Upper House election, the Liberal Democratic Party wants to start discussions on correcting the disparity at a council of each denomination, but it is compatible with the elimination of the "joint district" that the party aims to achieve. There is no concrete plan to make it, and it is unclear whether the discussion will proceed.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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