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Political News(2020/12/19)

Kyoto   Hakone

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disposal of water containing radioactive substances “Responsible decision” Chief Cabinet Secretary

2020-12-19 19:24:00
In order to observe the recovery situation from the Great East Japan Earthquake, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato visited Fukushima Prefecture for the first time after taking office, and explained how to dispose of water containing radioactive substances such as tritium, which is increasing at TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. He showed the idea that the government would take responsibility for making decisions without delaying.


Increase the number of public health nurses in charge of infectious diseases by 1.5 times Policy to expand financial support Government

2020-12-19 16:14:00
In response to the tightening of the system of public health nurses in each region due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the government has expanded financial support to local governments so that the number of public health nurses specializing in infectious disease control can be increased by 1.5 times. We have decided on a policy to do so.


Prime Minister Suga apologizes for suspending Go To Travel "I'm very sorry"

2020-12-19 15:08:00
Prime Minister Suga gave a lecture in Tokyo and apologized for the suspension of "Go To Travel", saying "I am very sorry for those who tried to go home during the year-end and New Year holidays", and infected with the cooperation of the people. He emphasized the idea of ​​making every effort to prevent expansion.


Watching the news photo exhibition of Prime Minister Suga "Regaining a society where you can work freely"

2020-12-19 13:41:00
Prime Minister Suga will visit the "News Photo Exhibition" held in Tokyo, see photos of the spread of the new coronavirus, and then "freely act like before the corona sickness." I reaffirmed that it was my mission to regain society as soon as possible. "


Minister of Regulatory Reform Kono Adjusts Singapore, which is undergoing digitalization, to visit this month

2020-12-19 04:55:00
Kono, the Minister of Regulatory Reform, is coordinating to visit Singapore, which is promoting digitalization efforts by the public and private sectors, later this month.


Cabinet decision to develop long-range missiles Concerned about opposition party's ability to attack enemy bases

2020-12-19 04:52:00
The government has decided to develop a "stand-off missile" that can attack from outside the enemy's range, but opposition parties and others have raised concerns that it may lead to the possession of so-called "enemy base attack capability". Therefore, the government will be required to give sufficient explanation.


"Cherry Blossom Viewing Party" Social gathering To the ruling and opposition party talks at the Diet explanation of former Prime Minister Abe

2020-12-19 04:33:00
Former Prime Minister Abe expressed his intention to explain to the Diet after the results of the investigation on the issue of the social gathering held the night before the "Sakura Viewing Party". While the opposition party is asking for Mr. Abe's witness summons, the ruling party wants to keep the explanation of Mr. Abe himself, and it is expected that discussions will be held between the ruling and opposition parties in the future.


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