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Political News(2020/12/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

Minister of Economic Revitalization Nishimura "If the infection continues to spread, a state of emergency will be in sight."

2020-12-30 23:11:00
On the night of the 30th, Mr. Nishimura, the minister in charge of economic revitalization, pointed out on his Twitter account that if the infection with the new coronavirus spreads further, he would be able to declare a state of emergency, and reiterated that he should spend the year-end and New Year holidays only with his family.


Governor Tanimoto of Ishikawa Prefecture Attendance at a meeting with meals "No problem with thorough infection prevention"

2020-12-30 20:44:00
It turned out that Governor Tanimoto of Ishikawa Prefecture was attending a meeting of his own supporters' association held at a hotel in Kanazawa City on December 16th. Approximately 90 people attended the meeting, and food was also provided, so Governor Tanimoto commented, "We are aware that there is no problem with thorough infection prevention measures."


Increasing number of people considering moving from Tokyo to rural areas NPO “Assuming life at the destination”

2020-12-30 20:20:00
With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, an increasing number of people are considering moving from Tokyo to rural areas, and the NPO that supports migration says that "living in rural areas is difficult just by admiring" and living at the destination. He points out that it is important to make specific assumptions.


Heavy snow alert Prime Minister Suga calls for refraining from going out unnecessarily

2020-12-30 19:02:00
In preparation for the heavy snowfall during the year-end and New Year holidays, a ministerial meeting of the government was held, and Prime Minister Suga instructed the people to take the first move in close cooperation with local governments and refrain from going out unnecessarily. I called.


Prevention of sexual damage to children and students To implement model lessons from next year Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

2020-12-30 05:40:00
In order to prevent children and students from suffering sexual damage, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will hold a model class from next year to teach the knowledge necessary to prevent it according to age.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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