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Political News(2021/01/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Correspondence discussion with Prime Minister Suga and Minister of New Corona Nishimura

2021-01-01 19:43:00
As the spread of the new coronavirus continues, Prime Minister Suga consulted with Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato, Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura and others at the Prime Minister's official residence on the night of the 1st and received a report on the infection status. I did.


“Year of political decisive battle”

2021-01-01 19:12:00
This is the year of the political decisive battle in which the House of Representatives election will be held by autumn. At the ordinary session of the Diet session convened this month, the government and the ruling party want to pass a budget plan for the new fiscal year as soon as possible to achieve both measures against the new coronavirus and rebuilding the economy, while the opposition party is infected by the government. It is expected that the ruling and opposition parties will fight fiercely in anticipation of the election, with the intention of pursuing measures, politics, and money-related issues and strengthening the offensive.


Prime Minister Suga's Secretary for Political Affairs has been replaced by Mr. Teraoka of the Ministry of Finance

2021-01-01 10:01:00
Prime Minister Suga's secretary in charge of political affairs will be replaced on the 1st. Mitsuhiro Teraoka (54) of the Ministry of Finance will be newly appointed as Secretary to the Prime Minister.


Komeito Yamaguchi's idea to revise the Corona Special Measures Law at the Diet convened this month

2021-01-01 09:58:00
Komeito representative Yamaguchi released a video message for the new year, and in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and rebuild the economy, the ordinary Diet session aims to enact the budget for the new fiscal year as soon as possible and amend the Special Measures Law. I showed my idea.


Impressions of the chairman of both houses of the Diet Corona “Efforts to end as soon as possible”

2021-01-01 07:27:00
At the beginning of the third year of Reiwa, the chairmen of both Houses of Representatives announced their impressions.


Tokyo Olympics / Para Government to assess and prepare for infections in Japan and overseas

2021-01-01 04:20:00
The government is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics by deciding the number of spectators to be accommodated in the stadium by spring, while checking the infection situation in Japan and overseas.


Prime Minister Suga's impression at the beginning of the year "We will do our utmost to prevent the spread of infection and recover the economy."

2021-01-01 04:14:00
Prime Minister Suga announced his impressions at the beginning of the third year of Reiwa, and reiterated his intention to do everything in his power to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and recover the economy as a "Cabinet working for the people." It was.


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