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Political News(2021/01/30)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister receives reports on infection status and bed status before the deadline for declaration of emergency

2021-01-30 18:35:00
Before the state of emergency expires on the 7th of next month, Prime Minister Suga will be at the Prime Minister's Office on the afternoon of the 30th. I received a report on the security status.


Examination of support for the Self-Defense Forces for smooth vaccination Defense Minister

2021-01-30 18:16:00
Minister of Defense Kishi visited the National Defense Medical College Hospital, which accepts people infected with the new coronavirus, and then examined how the Ministry of Defense should support the reporters in order to facilitate future vaccinations. I showed the idea to do it.


Members' Office Building, Distributing Cameras for PCs Online Petitions, etc.

2021-01-30 14:34:00
As a measure to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, the House of Councilors distributes small cameras for the personal computers installed in each office of the Members' Office Building, and bureaucrats listen to the questions in the Diet in advance. We have decided to improve the environment so that we can make petition from the Diet online instead of face-to-face.


Minister of Regulatory Reform Kono “Vaccine Supply World Leaders Discuss”

2021-01-30 07:01:00
Minister Kono, who is in charge of vaccination against the new coronavirus, should attend an online meeting held by the World Economic Forum on the night of the 29th and provide a forum for world leaders to discuss strategies for vaccine supply. I showed the idea that.


40% of local governments “Failure to investigate without cooperation from infected people” Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare survey

2021-01-30 06:03:00
Regarding the investigation conducted by the Health Center to identify the infection route and close contacts regarding the response to the new coronavirus, the local government said that the cooperation of the investigation could not be obtained from the infected person and the problem occurred. It turned out that it reached 40%.


State of emergency Widespread view within the government that it is difficult to cancel all at once

2021-01-30 05:45:00
Regarding the handling of the state of emergency, which will expire on the 7th of next month, the number of newly infected people is declining within the government, but the medical care provision system is tight, and it is difficult to cancel it all at once. Is spreading, and we plan to make a decision next week after listening to the opinions of experts.


Proceed with final adjustment of incidental resolutions regarding amendments such as the Liberal Democratic People's Special Measures Law

2021-01-30 05:19:00
The Liberal Democratic Party and the Constitutional Democratic Party, which are considering the contents of the incidental resolutions regarding amendments such as the Act on Special Measures for New Coronavirus, have requested that businesses not request leave of absence as a priority measure before the declaration of emergency. We are making final adjustments in the direction of clarifying the way of operation, such as incorporating it.


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