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Political News(2021/02/07)

Kyoto   Hakone

"Northern Territories Day" Island Return Appeal Residents' Convention Online Delivery

2021-02-07 18:41:00
On the 7th of "Northern Territories Day", a residents' convention was held in Nemuro City, Hokkaido, to appeal for the return of the island. Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, this year has become an unusual form of online distribution of the tournament to former islanders.


Prime Minister Suga "steadily proceeds with negotiations" to resolve the Northern Territories issue

2021-02-07 15:57:00
On the 7th of "Northern Territories Day," Prime Minister Suga sent a video message to the national convention for return, and steadily negotiated to resolve the Northern Territories issue based on the agreements between Japan and Russia. I showed the idea of ​​proceeding with.


Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura “Showing information on prior vaccinations and striving to eliminate anxiety”

2021-02-07 11:56:00
Regarding the vaccine for the new corona virus, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura tried to dispel anxiety by showing information on the health survey of medical staff who started vaccination in advance at NHK's "Sunday Debate". He showed his intention to work on improving the environment for getting vaccinated with all his heart.


“Frequent floods and sediment-related disasters” Concerned over 80% Cabinet Office opinion poll

2021-02-07 05:40:00
In a poll conducted by the Cabinet Office on water, more than 80% of the respondents said they were worried about the frequent occurrence of floods and sediment-related disasters due to the effects of climate change.


Government New Corona Advisory Committee to be held Policy for regional examination that can be declared

2021-02-07 04:44:00
Prior to the enforcement of the revised Special Measures Law this weekend for measures against the new coronavirus, the government is coordinating to hold an advisory board made up of experts. As the number of newly infected people continues to decline, we plan to consider whether there are areas where the state of emergency can be lifted.


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