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Political News(2021/02/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

Science Council of Japan Minister for Science and Technology Inoue seeking consideration of what the organizational members should be

2021-02-27 20:40:00
In a lecture, the Minister of Science and Technology Inoue, who has jurisdiction over the Science Council of Japan, pointed out that "it may be unpleasant considering whether the activities of the Science Council have gained widespread support," and can fulfill the expected role. We asked for a new review of the organization and members of the conference.


Visit the training of "Space Operations Squadron" "Strengthen capacity in collaboration with the United States" Defense Minister

2021-02-27 16:23:00
Minister of Defense Kishi inspected the training of the Self-Defense Forces' space operations specialized unit "Space Operations Squadron", which was launched last year, and expressed his intention to work with the United States to strengthen its capabilities in order to secure the superiority of space utilization. ..


Shower in the mayor's office about 3.6 million yen "I want to explain the necessity" Chiba Ichikawa

2021-02-27 14:46:00
A question from the city council revealed that a shower room was installed in the toilet of the mayor's room at Ichikawa City Hall in Chiba Prefecture. Some lawmakers have criticized that the city hall already has a shower room, and Mayor Hirotami Murakoshi said, "I am assuming that it will be used in disaster response, so I explained the necessity carefully. I want to go. "


“Strong measures even after the declaration is lifted” The National Governors' Association summarizes urgent recommendations

2021-02-27 14:15:00
Before the state of emergency is lifted in six prefectures except the metropolitan area on the 28th, the National Governors' Association will take strong measures against the government even after the declaration is lifted to prevent the spread of infection again. We have put together an urgent proposal to ask for.


“Measures to prevent re-spread of infection even after the state of emergency is lifted” National Governors' Association

2021-02-27 12:16:00
Before the state of emergency was lifted in six prefectures except the metropolitan area on the 28th, a meeting of the National Governors' Association was held, and the participating governors said that measures would be taken to prevent the re-spread of infection even after the declaration was lifted. There were a series of opinions pointing out the importance.


Government Policy to thoroughly implement measures to cancel the declaration on March 7 in the Tokyo metropolitan area, 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures

2021-02-27 06:06:00
The government has decided to lift the state of emergency on the 28th for six prefectures except the metropolitan area. The six prefectures will gradually ease infection control measures, and for the remaining 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures, the policy is to thoroughly implement measures so that the declaration can be canceled by the deadline of March 7.


Considering legislation to prevent re-acquisition of licenses for Liberal Democratic and Komeito obscene teachers

2021-02-27 05:07:00
The Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party set up a working team on March 1 in light of the fact that teachers are obscenely acting on children and students. We are considering legislation to prevent the acquisition of licenses.


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