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Political News(2021/02/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Instructed LDP members to hear and report on local policy requests

2021-02-28 11:48:00
The Liberal Democratic Party has instructed its members to listen to and report their requests and policy recommendations using telephone, email, and postcards, as members of the Diet are less likely to interact with voters due to the effects of the new coronavirus. However, I would like to reflect it in the government promises of the next House of Representatives election.


Strategic efforts to acquire executive posts of international organizations 18 ministries and agencies liaison meeting

2021-02-28 07:57:00
As China's presence in international organizations grows, the government has set up a liaison conference with officials from relevant ministries and agencies, centered on the National Security Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to acquire executive posts for international organizations. We have decided to strategically work on the training of human resources.


State of emergency Canceled today in 6 prefectures excluding the Greater Tokyo Area

2021-02-28 05:25:00
The state of emergency based on the Law on Special Measures for New Coronavirus will be lifted on the 28th in 6 prefectures except the metropolitan area. The government has decided to gradually ease measures to prevent the spread of the infection again, and to conduct PCR tests on asymptomatic people in downtown areas to monitor for signs of re-spread.


Strengthening of mutant virus monitoring system From March to short-term inspection nationwide

2021-02-28 00:26:00
While infection with the mutated new coronavirus has been confirmed in various places, the government has strengthened its domestic monitoring system by conducting tests to detect mutated virus in a short time at local health research institutes nationwide from March. I'm trying to figure it out.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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