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Political News(2021/03/27)

Kyoto   Hakone

Prime Minister Suga Hearing the actual situation from NPO representatives working on loneliness and isolation issues

2021-03-27 18:52:00
Among the effects of the new coronavirus is followed, Prime Minister Kan, such as the NPO to address the loneliness and isolation of problems, met with representatives of organizations that have social activities, listening to such as the circumstances of each of the activities and field I did.


Former Prime Minister Abe gives a lecture Expecting further strengthening of the alliance at the Japan-US summit meeting

2021-03-27 18:30:00
Former Liberal Democratic Party Prime Minister Abe said in a speech that the importance of the Japan-US Security Treaty is increasing as China intensifies its marine advancement, and that the summit meeting between Prime Minister Kan and US President Joe Biden will be held next month. Through this, he expressed his hope for further strengthening the Japan-US alliance.


Nishimura Economic Revitalization Minister New Corona “Expansion of inspections and identification of infection source”

2021-03-27 16:39:00
Regarding measures against the new coronavirus, Nishimura, the minister in charge of economic revitalization, visited the venue of a monitoring test for asymptomatic people in Kobe City, and then told reporters to prevent the spread of the infection again. , He expressed his intention to expedite the expansion of tests and identify the source of infection.


Clarify the realization of a "zero nuclear power society"

2021-03-27 14:36:00
The Constitutional Democratic Party has summarized the final draft of the basic policy that it has been considering since it was formed as a new party to join in September last year, and clarified its stance of maintaining the direction of energy policy including the realization of a "zero nuclear power society". I am.


Budget for the new year may be strengthened in view of the House of Representatives election

2021-03-27 07:00:00
The new fiscal year budget, which has the largest total amount of the general account ever, was established on the 26th. Prime Minister Suga took a cautious stance toward the early dissolution of the House of Representatives amid concerns about the re-expansion of the new coronavirus infection, but in the latter half of the Diet, the ruling and opposition parties were looking at the House of Representatives election to be held by autumn. It is also expected that the confrontational attitude of will be strengthened.


My number card point return system Application deadline extended until the end of April

2021-03-27 05:46:00
Regarding the point return system for My Number Card, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications stated that it can be used if you apply for the card by the end of March, but the deadline for application has been extended by one month until the end of April.


Joint document review at Japan-US summit meeting Senkaku to confirm Japan-US security application target

2021-03-27 05:34:00
At the Japan-US summit meeting in April, the US and Japanese governments are considering the publication of a joint document and confirm that the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture are subject to Article 5 of the Japan-US Security Treaty. Adjustments are being made in the direction of incorporating things.


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