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Political News(2021/04/10)

Kyoto   Hakone

Challenges for Women's Political Participation 60% of Female Local Assembly Members “Not Known”

2021-04-10 16:26:00
In a Cabinet Office survey on women's political participation, 60% of women's local council members pointed out that they were "not well-known" as an issue from the stage of deciding candidacy to the election period.


Government Establish policy for new corona vaccination of Japanese living overseas

2021-04-10 15:32:00
Regarding the vaccination of the new corona virus, the government has decided on a policy for dealing with Japanese living overseas, and those who wish to return to Japan temporarily after making a reservation through the vaccination management system newly developed by the government. Inoculation is done at the airport.


Applying the government's "prevention of spread" "Avoid unnecessary and unurgent movement as much as possible"

2021-04-10 06:03:00
The government has decided to apply "priority measures such as prevention of spread" to Tokyo, Kyoto and Okinawa. We would like to curb the re-spread of infection by encouraging people to refrain from unnecessary and unurgent movement across prefectures as much as possible, even during the Golden Week holidays, while being extremely vigilant against mutant viruses.


Ministerial talks on foreign affairs and defense between Japan and India Coordinated at Tokyo later this month

2021-04-10 05:52:00
The Japanese and Indian governments are coordinating to hold foreign and defense ministerial talks in Tokyo later this month. Prime Minister Suga's visit to India is also being coordinated during the Golden Week holidays, and the Government of Japan wants to show the close relationship between the two countries internally and externally toward the realization of a "free and open Indo-Pacific" through a series of dates. ..


Requests such as strengthening infection control measures that "should be declared to some areas" such as citizens

2021-04-10 04:49:00
In response to the expansion of the application of "priority measures such as spread prevention," the Constitutional Democratic Party and others have insisted that priority measures are not sufficient in some areas such as Tokyo, and an emergency declaration should be issued. The policy is to urge the government to expedite vaccination.


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Broadcasting Law to strengthen foreign capital regulation examination system Fuji MHD problem

2021-04-10 04:41:00
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has decided to strengthen the examination system in response to the problem that Fuji Media Holdings, which owns Fuji Television, violated the foreign capital regulation of the Broadcasting Law in the past.


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