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Political News(2021/04/24)

Kyoto   Hakone

National Assembly 3 Elections 25th Voting Candidates Last Proceedings

2021-04-24 18:48:00
The three elections, including the re-election of the Hiroshima constituency of the House of Councilors, which will be the first national election for the Kan administration, will be voted on the 25th. Candidates continue their final proceedings, such as on the streets.


First medical examination at a human dock after taking office as Prime Minister Suga

2021-04-24 16:50:00
Prime Minister Suga received a human dock for about 6 hours at a hospital in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo on the 24th.


National Governors' Association Summarizes Urgent Recommendations for Thorough Infection Control Measures

2021-04-24 13:11:00
Before the third state of emergency is declared from the 25th, the National Governors' Association will hold a meeting to convey a sense of crisis to the people and take thorough measures to control infection. We have summarized the urgent recommendations we seek.


Liberal Democratic Party “24 hours a day to improve the vaccination environment”

2021-04-24 05:40:00
Regarding the new coronavirus vaccine, the Liberal Democratic Party has put together a recommendation to do everything possible, such as creating an environment where vaccination can be done 24 hours a day, saying that it is necessary to finish vaccination for the elderly as soon as possible.


Declaration of emergency to 4 prefectures from tomorrow "Short-term concentration" to suppress infection

2021-04-24 05:24:00
From the 25th to the 11th of next month, the government has decided to declare a state of emergency in four prefectures: Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, and Kyoto. We would like to be as vigilant as possible to the spread of the mutant virus and take intensive measures in a short period of time to reduce the infection and suppress it.


[Details] Third State of Emergency Declaration How to Change Specific Measures of 4 Prefectures

2021-04-24 00:54:00
The government has decided to issue a state of emergency for the four prefectures of Tokyo, Osaka, Hyogo, and Kyoto from the 25th to the 11th of next month.


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