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Political News(2021/04/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

Accelerate vaccination Examination of support funds to facilitate vaccination outside medical hours

2021-04-29 11:57:00
Regarding the vaccination of the new coronavirus, Mr. Kono, the minister in charge of regulatory reform, pointed out that the mutant virus is spreading rapidly and it is necessary to accelerate the vaccination. It was revealed that it is considering payment.


Examination of the Science Council of Japan To establish a new conference of experts Government

2021-04-29 06:46:00
The government needs to consider further after the Science Council of Japan has compiled a report on the ideal state of the Science Council of Japan, which states that the current organizational structure as a national institution is suitable for its role. , We have begun to make adjustments to set up a new conference of experts.


Elderly Vaccination Request for Cooperation from Medical Association and Nursing Association Prime Minister Suga

2021-04-29 06:16:00
Regarding vaccination of the new corona virus for the elderly, based on a survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, many local governments have said that it is difficult to complete the vaccination by the end of July due to a shortage of doctors. On the 30th, the Prime Minister will request cooperation from the Japan Medical Association and the Japanese Nursing Association.


The ruling and opposition parties will make adjustments over the 6th of next month

2021-04-29 05:54:00
The constitutional travels through amendment of the national referendum law Democratic Party, shows the favor policy to bill as long accepted amendment was measures such as advertising regulations to prospect the next three years, next month the ruling side is seeking a vote The ruling and opposition parties are expected to make adjustments over the 6th.


4136 people received the Spring Medal "Asahi Sun Grand Cordon" 2 people

2021-04-29 05:09:00
The recipients of this year's "Spring Medal" have been announced, and a total of 4,136 people who have made achievements in various fields will receive the award.


Large-scale consecutive holidays New Corona To control the flow of people through intensive infection control Government

2021-04-29 04:42:00
In the third state of emergency, the government wants to significantly reduce the flow of people by taking intensive measures against infection during the Golden Week holidays starting on the 29th, in light of the spread of highly infectious mutant viruses. We will call for understanding and cooperation by repeatedly refraining from going out unnecessarily and urgently.


G7 Digital and Technology Ministers' Meeting Adopts Ministerial Declaration Against "Internet Blocking"

2021-04-29 04:16:00
G7 = A meeting of ministers in charge of digital and technology fields in the seven major countries was held online, and with China, which is strengthening the control of speech on the Internet, in mind, it opposes measures such as blocking the Internet. Adopted the Ministerial Declaration.


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