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Political News(2021/05/01)

Kyoto   Hakone

Japan-Bosnia Foreign Ministers' Meeting To strengthen support such as demining for ethnic reconciliation

2021-05-01 21:47:00
Foreign Minister Motegi will meet with Foreign Minister Turkovic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he will visit, and will strengthen support for reconciliation of the peoples after the former Yugoslav conflict by providing medical care, education, and removing land mines left by the conflict. I told you.


Prime Minister Suga receives reports on infection status nationwide New Corona

2021-05-01 19:19:00
On the afternoon of the 1st, Prime Minister Suga received a report from an executive of the Cabinet Secretariat, who is in charge of measures against the new coronavirus, at the office of the Members' Office Building, regarding the status of infection nationwide.


May Day New Corona Appeals to secure employment and correct disparities by prolonging the period Zenroren

2021-05-01 14:07:00
Today May 1st is May Day. A May Day tournament of the labor organization "Zenroren" was held in Tokyo, and as the effects of the new coronavirus prolonged, he urged that employment should be secured and economic disparities should be eliminated.


US Defense Secretary Emphasize policy of further cooperation with allies such as Japan With China in mind

2021-05-01 13:31:00
US Secretary of Defense Austin emphasized the idea of ​​strengthening deterrence in the Indo-Pacific region by further strengthening cooperation with allies such as Japan, keeping in mind China, which continues to rapidly strengthen its armaments.


“Flow of people during consecutive holidays as much as possible to prevent the spread of infection” Government

2021-05-01 05:12:00
As the number of newly infected people remains high in areas subject to the state of emergency, such as Tokyo, the government wants to curb the flow of people during consecutive holidays as much as possible and prevent the spread of infection.


Voter turnout is the lowest ever in nearly 70% of by-elections and re-elections since 2000

2021-05-01 05:07:00
In the previous three elections, the voter turnout was conspicuously low, but in the by-elections and re-elections that have been held twice a year in principle, the voter turnout is close to 70% of the total, which is the lowest ever. ..


Guidelines for using LINE “Mechanism that does not leave confidential information” Government

2021-05-01 04:48:00
In response to the problems surrounding the communication app LINE, the government has put together guidelines for its use. We request that you build a system that does not leave confidential information, including personal information, on the LINE service.


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