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Political News(2021/05/09)

Kyoto   Hakone

Japan Art Academy “Reflecting External Opinions in Member Selection” Review Proposal Meeting of Experts

2021-05-09 17:54:00
The Agency for Cultural Affairs' expert council, which is considering how to select members of the Japan Art Academy, a national institution that honors artists with achievements, selects new members by recommendation and election by internal members in principle. We have revised the method and compiled a review plan centered on reflecting outside opinions.


30% of Social Democratic Party members are urgently required to revitalize the leaving party organization

2021-05-09 06:09:00
Since the Social Democratic Party was virtually split over the merger with the Constitutional Democratic Party, the party has been declining, with 30% of all party members leaving the party, and there is an urgent need to revitalize the organization.


Liberal Democratic Party Solitude / Isolation Problem Countermeasures Proposal for Expansion of Support

2021-05-09 05:15:00
The Liberal Democratic Party's mission committee, which is discussing measures to deal with the growing loneliness and isolation problems, has put together a proposal requesting the government to conduct a nationwide survey to understand the actual situation and expand the support system. I did.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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