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Political News(2021/05/16)

Kyoto   Hakone

Junior high school also puts together a proposal to consider introducing "35 class"

2021-05-16 17:21:00
Regarding the small class of mathematics, the government's Education Rehabilitation Committee has put together a proposal requesting that public elementary schools be considered to be introduced into public junior high schools, based on the fact that "35 classes" will be gradually realized from this year. I did.


“Avoid moving across prefectural borders” Chugoku region governors meet online

2021-05-16 15:09:00
Following the addition of Hiroshima and Okayama prefectures to the target areas of the state of emergency, the governors of the five Chugoku regions will hold an online meeting to refrain from unnecessary and unurgent movement across prefectural borders. We have compiled a statement for the citizens of the prefecture.


State of emergency debate NHK Sunday debate over expansion

2021-05-16 11:50:00
In NHK's "Sunday Debate," the ruling party emphasized the idea of ​​making every effort to curb the spread of the infection, saying that it is a flexible measure to deal with the mutant virus. On the other hand, the opposition party criticized the government's decision as continuing to make mistakes and called for a change in its response policy.


Ministry of Defense Renewable energy introduction Half of annual electricity consumption

2021-05-16 11:10:00
The Ministry of Defense is promoting efforts to increase the ratio of renewable energy at related facilities nationwide as part of measures against global warming, and this year half of the facilities are introducing it, and the amount of electricity used per year is about 50. It is expected to cover%.


Liberal Democratic Party to establish a parliamentary federation by strengthening the semiconductor industry

2021-05-16 05:19:00
Amid rising global demand for semiconductors, a new LDP parliamentary federation will be established to discuss medium- to long-term strategies for strengthening Japan's semiconductor industry, and former Prime Minister Abe and Deputy Prime Minister Aso will be the chief advisors. The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance are expected to take office.


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