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Political News(2021/05/22)

Kyoto   Hakone

The government also views that it is difficult to cancel the 31-day deadline for the declaration of emergencies in 9 prefectures.

2021-05-22 07:15:00
The state of emergency will be expanded to 10 prefectures with the addition of Okinawa Prefecture from the 21st. The deadline for the declaration is 31st of this month, except for Okinawa, but there is a view within the government that it will be difficult to cancel, so we plan to determine the treatment by assessing the infection situation next week.


Convicted Diet member's annual expense repayment law amendment examination is uncertain now

2021-05-22 06:41:00
The Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party are considering amending the law, such as making it possible to return it, over the annual expenses of members of the Diet who have lost their jobs due to convictions, but be careful from the viewpoint of consistency with the Constitution and the Public Offices Election Act. There is also an opinion that it should be discussed, and the current situation in the Diet cannot be foreseen.


G7 meeting To suspend government support for coal-fired power generation Specific measures by the end of the year

2021-05-22 06:22:00
G7 = The meeting of climate and environment ministers of the seven major countries will end the two-day schedule, and concrete measures will be taken by the end of the year to end development assistance and export assistance by the government for coal-fired power generation. Agreed to take.


Liberal Democratic Strategy Headquarters proposes to increase staff to prevent the outflow of advanced technology overseas

2021-05-22 05:51:00
The Liberal Democratic Party's Strategic Headquarters, which discusses economic security, has proposed a proposal to improve the system and budget measures, such as increasing the number of staff in charge of related ministries and agencies, in order to prevent the outflow of sensitive and advanced technology overseas due to cyber attacks. I summarized it.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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