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Political News(2021/06/23)

Kyoto   Hakone

Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly "Aiming to win a majority of seats in both the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party"

2021-06-23 16:05:00
The secretary-generals of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party met over the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election announced on the 25th, and both parties agreed to aim for a majority of seats.


TV talks with Defense Minister Kishi and Defense Minister Laos The situation in Myanmar, etc.

2021-06-23 15:22:00
Defense Minister Kishi met with Defense Minister Chan Samone of Laos in a video conference format and agreed to continue working together to improve the situation in Myanmar.


Okinawa Memorial Day Memorial Service for War Dead The scale is greatly reduced by the "declaration" held

2021-06-23 14:57:00
On the 23rd, Okinawa celebrated "Okinawa Memorial Day" in 1976 from the Battle of Okinawa at the end of the Pacific War, and prayers for peace are being offered in various places. Due to the state of emergency in Okinawa Prefecture, the memorial service for the war dead was held on a significantly reduced scale.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato "I was surprised that Governor Koike was hospitalized, but he took a good rest and returned."

2021-06-23 13:19:00
Regarding the fact that Governor Koike of Tokyo has decided to leave public affairs this week due to rest due to excessive fatigue, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said, "I pray that I will take a good rest and return to public affairs." He emphasized the idea of ​​continuing to work closely with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government toward the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.


"Collaboration with local governments to ensure the safety and security of spectators and venues" Marukawa Olympic Minister

2021-06-23 10:52:00
On the 23rd, one month before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, an online meeting was held by the government, the organizing committee, and the local government where the competition venue is located. He expressed his intention to cooperate with the local government in order to secure the above.


Liberal Democratic Party to discuss the creation of bidding rules for the Digital Agency

2021-06-23 07:11:00
Regarding the Digital Agency, which will be launched in September, the Liberal Democratic Party has set up a subcommittee within the party so that staff hired from the private sector will be involved in system procurement, etc., so that there will be no profit induction to specific businesses. It was decided to establish a new one and discuss the creation of bidding rules.


One month until the Olympics Tokyo is preparing for a quick pitch The opening is approaching without the top

2021-06-23 05:38:00
It was 23 days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, and it was another month. The host city, Tokyo, will stop the re-spread of the infection and prepare for the tournament at a rapid pace, but Governor Koike will be leaving public affairs this week due to rest due to excessive fatigue. , The opening is approaching with the top absent.


Defense Minister Kishi meets with German Defense Minister Expresses serious concern over China's Maritime Police Law

2021-06-23 02:31:00
Defense Minister Kishi met with German Defense Minister Annegret Krampkarenbauer in a video conference format, and they were free to express serious concerns about the "Maritime Police Law," which allowed China to use weapons with the CCG. We agreed to actively promote defense cooperation and exchanges toward the maintenance and strengthening of the open Indo-Pacific.


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