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Political News(2021/07/29)

Kyoto   Hakone

Representative Edano of the Constitutional Democratic Party Aims to support a fixed majority in the House of Representatives election

2021-07-29 22:32:00
Regarding the next House of Representatives election, Constitutional Democratic Party representative Edano expressed his intention to support more than 233 candidates, which is the majority of the party alone.


Governor Hirai of Tottori Prefecture Intention to run for presidential election of the National Governors' Association

2021-07-29 19:57:00
At a press conference on the 29th, Governor Hirai of Tottori Prefecture announced his intention to run for the presidential election of the National Governors' Association. If Governor Hirai is elected, he will be the first president from a prefecture in the San'in region.


“Joining with the Democratic Party for the People for the Upper House election next year” Former Foreign Minister Okada

2021-07-29 17:18:00
Former Foreign Minister Okada of the Constitutional Democratic Party should aim to join the Democratic Party for the People's Democratic Party for the House of Councilors election next summer after finishing the House of Representatives election, saying that the realization of the change of government requires further rallying of opposition parties. I showed the idea.


Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato Exchanged views with overseas business scholars over government growth strategies

2021-07-29 16:27:00
In implementing the government's growth strategy, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato met with internationally renowned business scholars online and exchanged views on measures to encourage Japanese companies to make capital investment.


US Rep. Japan-Taiwan Share concerns about China First meeting of "strategic dialogue"

2021-07-29 14:25:00
The bipartisan parliamentary federation, which promotes exchanges with Taiwan, holds its first online "strategic dialogue" meeting with Taiwanese and American parliamentarians to share concerns about China's growing supremacy. did.


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