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Political News(2021/08/12)

Kyoto   Hakone

Chairman of the House of Representatives Tadamori Oshima officially announces his retirement for the current term

2021-08-12 20:03:00
The chairman of the House of Representatives, Tadamori Oshima, has officially announced that he will not run for the next House of Representatives election and will retire only this term, saying that he wants to give way to the next generation.


Decided to recognize Myanmar national football team as refugee

2021-08-12 17:02:00
A player who came to Japan as a representative of Myanmar for soccer, showed his intention to protest against the military, and then applied for refugee status in Japan, said that the Immigration Bureau of Japan could be persecuted if he returned to Japan. I found that I made a decision to admit.


Foreign Minister Mogi talks with ASEAN special envoy on the Myanmar issue "Maximum support"

2021-08-12 12:36:00
Foreign Minister Motegi talks over the phone with Brunei's Second Foreign Minister Elwan, who has been appointed as a special envoy of ASEAN to mediate dialogue between the military and democratic forces, and Japan will provide maximum support for the future activities of the special envoy. I conveyed my thoughts on what to do.


Foreign Minister Motegi Telephone Talks with Canadian Foreign Minister “China is also important to guarantee the rule of law”

2021-08-12 11:44:00
Foreign Minister Motegi met with Canadian Foreign Minister Garnot over the phone after a Canadian defendant was sentenced to 11 years in prison for providing state secrets abroad in China, and respected basic human rights. And the rule of law were agreed to be guaranteed in China as well.


Tadamori Oshima, Chairman of the House of Representatives

2021-08-12 10:42:00
Mr. Tadamori Oshima, the chairman of the House of Representatives, decided not to run for the next House of Representatives election and decided to retire only this term and informed the people concerned.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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