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Political News(2021/08/28)

Kyoto   Hakone

Former President of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Kishida, “Emphasis on gaining support from the people and party members”

2021-08-28 16:06:00
Former Political Survey Chairman Kishida, who announced his candidacy for the LDP presidential election, called on the party's prefectural leaders and business people to support him in his hometown of Hiroshima, and then focused on gaining support from the public and party members. He expressed his desire to develop an election campaign.


Self-Defense Forces aircraft Transporting more than a dozen Afghan people to Pakistan

2021-08-28 07:06:00
The Self-Defense Forces evacuated one Japanese to neighboring Pakistan on the night of the 27th due to the evacuation of Japanese remaining in Afghanistan, but in addition to this, on the 26th, Afghanistan and more than a dozen people were transported to Pakistan. I found out from the interviews with the people concerned that I was doing it.


Evacuation of one Japanese in Afghanistan Self-Defense Forces aircraft waits in Pakistan

2021-08-28 05:04:00
On the night of the 27th, a Japanese evacuated to Islamabad, the capital of neighboring Pakistan, by a SDF transport plane over the evacuation from Afghanistan. Foreign Ministry officials and SDF personnel who had been dispatched also left the site, but the government says that the SDF aircraft will be put on standby in Islamabad for the time being in preparation for changes in the situation.


Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Sato's Thoughts on Supporting the Re-election of Prime Minister Suga Fuji TV BS Program

2021-08-28 00:42:00
Regarding the LDP presidential election in September, General Affairs Chairman Sato said, "I would like you to make a decision including whether you can replace the Prime Minister in one year," and expressed his intention to support the re-election of Prime Minister Suga.


Hirai Digital Minister App ordering process 1 month salary voluntary return

2021-08-28 00:28:00
In response to the fact that the investigation report pointed out inappropriate measures regarding the process of ordering the app developed for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the Minister for Digital Reform Hirai said that he had a certain responsibility for supervision. He announced that he would voluntarily return one month's salary.


Kyoto   Mt.Fuji

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