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Political News(2021/09/06)

Kyoto   Hakone

Movement toward the candidate for the LDP presidential election What will happen to the active faces?

2021-09-06 19:05:00
The Liberal Democratic Party presidential election to select the successor to Prime Minister Suga is actively moving toward candidacy. On the other hand, each faction within the party is also in full swing to consider how to respond, such as holding meetings with executives.


Defense Minister Kishi Visits the British aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth" to deepen defense cooperation

2021-09-06 19:00:00
Minister of Defense Kishi visited the state-of-the-art British aircraft carrier "Queen Elizabeth" calling at the US Navy Yokosuka base in Japan, and cooperated with the two countries toward the realization of a "free and open Indo-Pacific". He showed the idea of ​​further deepening.


Prime Minister Suga "Future economic measures will be summarized by the next Prime Minister"

2021-09-06 18:39:00
Regarding the economic measures to be formulated in the future, Prime Minister Suga met with the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Nikai, and requested that the party proceed with concrete discussions, saying that the next Prime Minister would coordinate.


Instructed Prime Minister Suga Digital Agency to formulate a new priority plan within the year

2021-09-06 16:46:00
At the government's Digital Society Promotion Conference, which was held in response to the establishment of the Digital Agency, Prime Minister Suga instructed that a new priority plan be put together by the end of the year, saying that the digital reform of society as a whole will be thoroughly implemented.


Eight Paralympic medalists report results to Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Hagita

2021-09-06 16:35:00
Eight medalists, including Takayuki Suzuki, who won medals in all five events in the Tokyo Paralympic Games, met with Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Hagita and reported on the results of the competition.


"Northern Territories Tariff Exemption" Putin's Remark "Unfortunately" Chief Cabinet Secretary

2021-09-06 14:24:00
Regarding Russia's President Vladimir Putin's announcement that he will introduce a tariff-exempt area in the northern territory to attract investment from foreign companies such as Japan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said that the purpose of joint economic activities between Japan and Russia Incompatible with each other, he revealed that he had made an offer to the Russian side as regrettable.


Liberal Democratic Party Presidential Election Multiple Candidates Prospect for Election Campaign Difficult to Unify Factions

2021-09-06 05:01:00
The Liberal Democratic Party presidential election to select the successor to Prime Minister Suga is expected to be an election campaign with multiple candidates as former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi has decided to run for office. Many factions within the party will begin to consider how to deal with it, but some factions may find it difficult to unify the candidates they support.


Ibaraki Governor's election Mr. Kazuhiko Oikawa, the incumbent, was elected for the second time

2021-09-06 00:13:00
In the Ibaraki prefectural governor's election, which was voted on the 5th, incumbent Kazuhiko Oikawa (57) won the election for the second time.


Saga Taku Mayor Election 7 incumbent Yokoo's most incumbent mayors nationwide

2021-09-06 00:05:00
The mayoral election in Taku City, Saga Prefecture, was voted on the 5th due to the expiration of his term, and incumbent Toshihiko Yokoo won the election for the seventh time. This is the highest number of winnings among the incumbent mayors nationwide.


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